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Time to change the angle of the camera, or is it perhaps the motive?

It’s good, at times, to take a step back to get some distance to things & events, to see things from different perspectives. I sometimes feel that I get blinded by speed. There’s so much to be done, decisions to be made, things to be agreed on & so on. If I don’t constantly discusses with family, friends or with concerned, I’m afraid I would  end up into habitual behavior, to do as I have always done, see stuff & things from a monotonous perspective.

I guess that I’ve learnt that it’s not about how fast you run, but how well it gets, in the end. That it’s not about quantity but rather quality. You just have to be patient & see things in a longer term perspective. In this case, it is nothing serious we are talking about, just different angles from interior perspective. Mostly!

keltainentalorannalla.blogspotPerfect place to relax / keltainentalorannalla.blogspot

zarahome hotel collectionNot overly healthy choice, is it? / zarahome hotel collection

Share-Design-Swedish-Townhouse-03Outdoor area on the floor above / Share-Design

meggielynne.tumblr.comThrough to the neighbours / meggielynne.tumblr.com

bloodandchampagneGrey & white / bloodandchampagne.tumblr.com

cozyplaces.tumblr.comSmall space living / cozyplaces.tumblr.com

satch via fancyThings close at hand / fancy.com

tumblr.comSpacious / tumblr.com

what-a-beautiful-place.tumblr.comSee through / what-a-beautiful-place.tumblr.com

sarahlavoineDown to the hallway / sarahlavoine

desiretoinspire White foundation / desiretoinspire

elorablu.tumblr.comThrough the rock / elorablu.tumblr.com

freedom.com.auBedtime / freedom.com.au

planetdeco High ceiling / planetdeco

hemlangtan.comRelaxation / hemlangtan

Take care / Marie

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Point of view / 151

Hej friends,

Time just flies away & I have been so busy the past weeks I hardly remembered my name. That’s life now & then, you just have to go with the flow until you’re back on track … to then take time to look back & ponder over how it went. That’s the beauty of life, when things don’t go according to expectations, but takes a turn sideways & suddenly you’re standing in a new situation & different direction. It’s both exciting & scary as with anything that is alien & unfamiliar.

Well, todays post, came to me through a Bond movie – yes, sorry about that but yes, James Bond. It was with a Swedish translation. I believe that the original tittle is, For your eyes only. That’s not the correct translation but I guess it wouldn’t sound good enough without a flashy titel. Anyway, the Swedish title would be, A deadly point of view. Now, this became a very long introduction to explain how I came up with this theme. Let’s move on before it gets too complicated.

It’s after all quite interesting to look at things from a different point of view, especially if you consider things without taking into account any feelings or prejudices. I wonder what would happen if certain products considered as exclusive, had no logo. Would people really be ready to pay the asked price, if it differs more than 50% between two comparable items. Not knowing can sometimes be crucial to a decision, in a positive way. Occasionally, you might need to take a step back to see the possibilities & therefore be helped to take several steps forward instead … just because you saw things from a different perspective or got a different point of view. This post is actually about a different point of view … on the basis of the lens of a camera, anyway:)

Beautiful facade with ivy all the way / Desertdreamer

A suitable text that popped up when I was searching for images / Morganstern via Pinterest

It looks more organised & clean at a distance  / IKEA

Structure & lines become more visible / Herdofblack

It is easier to see where the emphasis is, from this angle / Designedforlife

Colour, shape & structure, clearly visible / Greige

You can fool the eye by simple means & create interesting reflections / Designedforlife

View life from above / Homedesign

Or  why not look at things in reverse / Mokkasin

Prominent  but yet diffused / Lamaisond’annag

Small limited area with many details / Myidealhome

Many functions & details from above / Designedforlife

Graphic patterns & movement / Emmas via Pinterest

 Another angle, another view / Mechantdesign

Close yet still far away / Apartmenttheraphy

Take care / Marie

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