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Going coastal

I like the feeling & atmosphere that the coastal style provides. It’s easy to adjust to the lovely sensation of ease & harmony. Maybe it’s the connection to the water that creates that casual feeling that usually occurs when one goes on holiday. We all have our picture of summer, vacation, countryside, lakes & seas.

For some, it’s definitively not the blue colours or something that is specifically related to water. Growing up with summer cottage & proximity to various lakes gives me a strong sense of just the images I have put together to this blog post.

inscapes via fancy.comSea colours / inscapes via fancy.com

SAdecor&design / SAdecor&design

skonahem.com/ skonahem.se

starsmasquearading.tumblr.comReady for the sun / starsmasquearading.tumblr.com

simplylovelystuff.tumblr.comWater view / simplylovelystuff.tumblr.com

coach summer collectioncoach summer collection / coach.com

aprylbee via p / aprylbee via Pinterest

skonahem.seBluish design / skonahem.se

imgoingcoastal.tumblr.comProper accessories / imgoingcoastal.tumblr.com

daniellawitteSummer blues / daniellawitte

bemz.comWhen not navy than why not red / bemz.com

lexingtoncompanySea, sun & summer / lexingtoncompany

theyallhateus.comSailor style / theyallhateus.com

livethemma.seCoastal inspiration / livethemma.se

gant.comStylish relaxation / gant.com

Take care / Marie

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Green zones

I’m not an outdoors person or particularly interested in nature. I know it sounds horrible but it’s probably not the worst though. What’s worse is that my two sons are alike. My husband claims to be an active outdoors person. But that’s not entirely true, even if the rest of us in the family isn’t making a big deal of it. We are just wondering when he activates his great hobby – since he always spends his free time with us. We are on the go & active with one or the other but it’s more city emphasised, however. Although I have to admit, that I lately have felt an urge to get out into the forest, take some walks & breathe fresh air. Hear & behold! I hope it has something to do with development, of some kind.

flickr.com/ flickr.com

remainsimple.tumblr.com/ remainsimple.tumblr.com

anicechange.tumblr/ anicechange.tumblr

yinywhitedaisies.tumblr/ yinywhitedaisies.tumblr

tumblr.com/ tumblr.com

wistfullycountry.tumblr/ wistfullycountry.tumblr

thegreenies.tumblr.com/ thegreenies.tumblr.com

kirstin Mckee via flickr/ kirstin Mckee via flickr

pinterest.com/ pinterest.com

rosebale.tumblr.com/ rosebale.tumblr.com

threehugger-me.tumblr.com/ threehugger-me.tumblr.com

fancy.com/ fancy.com

google.com/ google.com

andthisbreath.tumblr.com/ andthisbreath.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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