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Ceiling lights

We still haven’t got ceiling lights installed since we moved into the house. Some things take time. Lighting is an essential part of the function & mood in a home. With the daylight that moves during the day, the lighting is something that affects unconsciously, if it is not right. General lighting, functional lighting as well as mood lighting. It’s getting brighter now with the spring that has just started but the problem persists in the evenings – so we will simply have to get started, right?
In addition, there are very very nice designed lamps on the market. Yes, it will take some time to agree with everyone involved!

keltainen via bloglovin.com keltainen via bloglovin.com


stylizimo via bloglovin.com stylizimo via bloglovin.com

thedesignwalker.tumblr.com thedesignwalker.tumblr.com


thedesignwalker.tumblr.com thedesignwalker.tumblr.com




bloglovin.com bloglovin.com


propertyfurniture.com propertyfurniture.com




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Daily inspiration, a bed

A bed – comfortable with nice & soft bed linen, functional & mood light, good support for your back when you want to read, good source of daylight, in a corner of a house with some peace – is something that I  crave from time to time.

scandinaviandeko.com/ scandinaviandeko.com

Take care / Marie

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Let there be light

It darkens so fast here in Australia. Even though it is spring now & the evening light stays longer as we draw towards the summer. Now, there are some ways to make it nice & bright during the dark period of the year. I’ve become fond of light-strings. Don’t ask me where it came from – I just found myself on the search after those in shops & stores. It has to be the right model & size. I discovered loads of different design & variations. Many are rather large & clumpy while others are nicely done. But no ones looks like the one I have in mind.

I’ll have to look further when I have more time on hand. Until then, there’s quite a lot to be inspired by – if not in stores then at least online.

mocastore.orgSweet & simple / mocastore.org

decocrush.tumblr.comWelcoming & exciting / decocrush.tumblr.com

studiokarinNice size / studiokarin

fancy.comIndustrial look / fancy.com

house-455.blogspot.com Irregularly decorated / house-455.blogspot.com

bloglovinFits everywhere / bloglovin

sunday-suppers.comDiscreet in the background / sunday-suppers.com

apartmenttherapy.comStarry sky / apartmenttherapy.com

fancy.comFestive feeling / fancy.comkickstartsaving.comA bit feminine with ruffles / kickstartsaving.com

room269.tumblr.comRight in style as well as size  / room269.tumblr.com

femme.seCorner light / femme.se

fancy.comNicely towards the evening / fancy.com

tumblr.comSomething like this in my backyard / tumblr.com

thesweetoccasion.comFor the outdoor dinners / thesweetoccasion.com

archimagsDiscrete on the day & nice in the evening / archimags.com

 Take care / Marie

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