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Focal point

A small focal point of a living room decorated in natural colours & with great influx of daylight – the wicker chair in the foreground, looks very nice in this inspiring setting.

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Window view

What would a house be without windows, whether it is seen from the inside or the outside. The daylight is necessary of course. Perhaps important to keep an eye on the surroundings, at times. For me, a window is a welcome sight, with someone waiting inside. It gives the house character & identity. Many are the times I have walked in my various neighbourhoods where I have lived & looked at houses & through the windows.

Life from the inside seems interesting too, with the different seasons that flows by, creating different views. Like the other day with thunder & lightning that lasted for quite a while. It’s nice to be inside, then! A Window is a shelter from the outside world, if you want. Just as it is an opening to the world, when you want.

archdaily.com Hotel Wiesergut, Austria / archdaily.com

breadandolives.tumblr.comLooks like autumn / breadandolives.tumblr.com

clicktoenlarge.tumblr.comGreen & leafy outside / clicktoenlarge.tumblr.com

winter-moonlight.tumblr.comHow wonderful to look out at a snowy environment / winter-moonlight.tumblr.com

prettystuff.tumblr.comA well maintained garden, or rather park, through the window / prettystuff.tumblr.com

Fancy.comWindows lengthwise & crosswise / fancy.com

mudern.co.vuNeat with shelves for pots in a row, that matches the greenery outside / mudern.co.vu

1ool&stoolBlack facade with windows which light up the dark, when the lights are on indoors / 1ool&stool

homedecorobsession.tumblr.comSkylights are common here in Australia, a great way to get more daylight / homedecorobsession.tumblr.com

offwhiteburgundy.tumblr.com White shutters on the inside & green on the outside / offwhiteburgundy.tumblr.com

breadandolives.tumblr.com loft-in-parisSo lovely with a window open to the rooftops / breadandolives.tumblr.com

tumblr.comRain against the window panes are like sweet music / tumblr.com

browndresswithwhitedots.tumblr.comMore of these windows to the people, please / browndresswithwhitedots.tumblr.com

urbanspacedesign.tumblr.comWindows from floor to ceiling / urbanspacedesign.tumblr.com

designboomThe graphical house / designboom

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, a bed

A bed – comfortable with nice & soft bed linen, functional & mood light, good support for your back when you want to read, good source of daylight, in a corner of a house with some peace – is something that I  crave from time to time.

scandinaviandeko.com/ scandinaviandeko.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, cottage

What a beautiful photo with spruce & pines in front of a black-painted cottage. Grass & bushes between the cottage & the fence makes the whole charming. It’s also a bit atmospheric with the exciting light.

lineklein photography/ lineklein photography

Take care / Marie

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