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Nice styling – it might not be functional in daily life but a nice idea nonetheless. Every thing in its place with white shelf’s, black background & white text.

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Take care / Marie

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Blackboards / 143

Hej dear friends,

It’s a little funny sometimes how some things in everyday life, are there without us devoting any particular thought of it. Then suddenly it becomes topical for whatever reason & a lot of pictures start circulate in all media…with one or other variant thereof. This is not about celebrities, I don’t have any interest or knowledge about that part of life. No, this is something as ordinary as blackboards. Lots of images circulates on blogs & image-banks as well as in magazines. And of course in shop windows & boutiques, a little bit here & there. And here’s what I’m after… that it’s incredible that something as common as black boards can come to look so nice, smart & stylish in the hands of creative people. Nothing strange with that, it just never stops to amaze me. This, how we look at things in different ways & all the solutions that’s different from each individual’s perspective. It’s a great idea to use chalkboard in the kids rooms. To write, draw, colorise & wipe off to start all over again…it brings out a creative sense that is important for their development. Especially when it’s a large area & not a small paper. Here’s some solutions – for all ages:)

Styling with a huge blackboard as background / Anthropology

Perfect place for creative small people / Pergo

Big impact with the black wall & the checkered floor. Striking, with the text on the blackboard, don’t you think? / Chic&Deco

Clever to use the front door for messages, where no one in the family can miss it. / Examiner

Globes are one of the stuff I really like & when in black, well what can I say / Tumblr.com

A small slate board is practical as well as handy to have around / Stylizimo

Might not look so practical but it’s rather appealing to be able to draw your own head board / Veneerdesigns

Sideboard in black with storage & with the nice text on the wall / PotteryBarnes

Nice solution, as a splash back to write recipes or use as a temporary shopping list, etc. And it looks really good. / Pinterest

 Industrial look with a great communications wall for the whole family to use / Designsensibility

Quite cute solution on a good level for kids / Google.com

 Make good use of your cabinet doors – stylish solution / Beanfield

 Another solution with a piece of furniture as a blackboard, in a decorative manner / Keltainen

Handy over the bench top – looks great to the white environment / Alvhem

Feature wall – clever, stylish & functional / Stylefiles

 Take care / Marie

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