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So liberating with the table in the middle of the room with a lot of space around and a kitchen without all these usual cabinets at the top. Beautiful with blue cupboards, patterned rug & dark furniture. 



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Kitchen corner

A lot of marble, tile behind the cabinets with glass doors, exciting. And untreated wood on the cupboard doors at the bottom. Black and white in an inspiring mix.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, sloping ceiling

This kitchen would feel or perceived to be very small, if it were not for the generous ceiling height, and that it is decorated entirely in white as well. It’s beautiful by all means & the sloping ceiling makes the room exciting. But it feels a little tight around the dining table. It is barely space to open cupboards when necessary.



Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, graphic

My absolute favourite – the type of style, colours & graphic expression. All our kitchens throughout the years wherever we have moved have had similar style with white cupboards, white floors & black kitchen counter. I like the corner that has been created where you can tuck the things you want close at hand. It looks more vivid too.


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Daily inspiration, white staircase

It is nicely done – the white stairs with hidden storage under the stairs. White cabinets that follow the stair shape & almost floats, with the symmetrical stair rail.


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