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Daily inspiration, tin cans

Summer here in Australia & winter back home in Sweden Рboth wonderful seasons. I thought this image was suitable & a good description of two great cultures Рwith red tin cans for Christmas & suitable plants for summer. A good mix of two wonderful countries as well as seasons.

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Take care / Marie

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Tin cans

My sister & her husband has recently left us after five weeks visit.¬†They moved to Los Angeles ¬†six years ago & it’s now time to move back home to Sweden again.¬†You have to show your favorite spots, which means a lot of different locations across New South Wales.¬†There’s a plethora of farms, villages, communities with diverse range of markets & shops, to hyper-modern shopping centres.¬†We were not looking to shop, I’ll have to admit. Especially because they already had done their shopping before they left LA & sent these with remaining household possessions.

In all cases, when visiting small cute communities, with sunshine & comfortable warmth, then everything looks appealing, somehow. Even things that you usually don’t look at. Believe me, you feel inspired, influenced & charmed by the attractive surroundings & the nice weather.¬†You are never so keen on coffee as when you’re traveling around like that.¬†Coffee & a small cookie or something sweet to nibble on, or an icecream or two.¬†After a number of visits to different markets, second hand stores & retro decorated cafes, I have almost had enough of old cans of different kinds.¬†It becomes so when you blazes through all these different places.¬†Some things have a tendency to recur.

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