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Ivar, an old faithful servant who continues to change & develop depending on your style & taste. Here’s a taste of Ivar in black styling with a nice touch, that amplifies the entire expression.

Styled by Anna Lenskog Belfrage assisted by Alicia Sjöström,

photographed by Ragnar Òmarsson


Ikea / livet hemma

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Nordic moments

A holiday home in Gotland, beautifully designed & styled with a calm & composed furnishings throughout the wonderful house.


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Colourful styling & comfortable setting with a generous sofa, rug & cushions plus decorated with a nice vibe. Homely feel!

Printler / instagram

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Dining area

A kitchen with soft colors, especially nicely done with its light grey dining area. The mixture of furniture, the soft rug with the simple pattern & the grey wooden wall halfway up, gives a very sought-after result with simplicity that’s very apparent.


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Greek yogurt pancakes with whole wheat pastry flour and coconut 🌴 🥥 milk. Looks delicious indeed. Check out the recipe on @howsweeteats under breakfast.


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