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What would a room look like without curtains – they really do a lot for the experience. To reinforce the ceiling height, make sure to attach the rails as close to the roof structure as possible.

Credit: alvhem
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If you have had enough inspiration about how to hang your paintings, frames, posters, then have a look instead at the color selection of the walls & the styling instead.


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Linen curtains

Linen curtains in a perfect sand-colored tone – my obsession right now. Yes, or rather, textiles in general & everything for the bedroom especially.


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Grey curtains

Textiles in general are for me essential for a home – the soft feel, colour, shape, attenuate noise level, block out daylight, etc.

Right now I am looking for curtains in certain material & quality – white to one room & grey to another. It’s just hard to find the right grey colour …

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Take care / Marie

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Cold blue

Beautiful colours in neutral beige-white scale with an equally beautiful bench – with  striped blue pad & matching curtain – unadorned & timeless.


Take care / Marie

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