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Designed kitchens

Designed kitchens should always offer a stylish, functional look, preferably in high-quality materials but above all, in a timeless and well-functioning atmosphere. This solution & look will prove it right long term.

Credit: allofrenders

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Royal Copenhagen, a classic timeless design that’s a sight for the eye on the dinner table. Or on display.

Credit: nordic_design

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Textiles are a great passion, something that has always existed in one way or another in my life. Through the work & in the various homes we have created. Here is a nice example with a bed made of single colour beddings  with a lot of warmth & comfort.

Credit: halemercantileco

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Vintage home

A home built of precious (vintage) possessions that makes the whole experience straight through very personal, exciting & colorful.

Credit: alt.dk

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Stockholm collection

Ikea’s Stockholm collection, a couple of years back. Will definitely remain as a classic for its timeless expression.

Credit: Ikea 2017

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