Happy new year ⭐️

A happy & healthy new year to you. I hope 2023 will be kind & generous.

Credit: systrarnaeisenman


Website: – where you’ll find lots of tips & ideas & a compilation of many nice menus & recipes to be inspired by. Especially relevant for the New Year’s menu. These dishes were brought up to New Year’s last year.

Creamy artichoke soup with fried oyster wedges. Potato gratin, minced meat, garlic broccoli red wine sauce. Crisp forest berry pie with shortcrust pastry, whipped cream with vanilla ice cream.

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At times you can find a really nice super garment even at the big chains. Isn’t this knitted sweater really nice ⭐️

Credit: Zara
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Asian modern art

Zhang Hui i- a Chinese Asian modern & contemporary painter that’s been included in exhibitions throughout China & Europe & has established herself as an important figure in the contemporary Chinese art world. The characters in her works are all childlike & lovely, with dark skin & a round face, all glowing from her childhood memories.

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