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A balcony – a small leafy hidden world high up among the clouds, where you can enjoy silence, tranquility & rest – and forget about all the chores of everyday life.

Credit: shake
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Frankfurt | Germany

The Rhine has had & still has enormous significance for trade in the countries concerned. Also a great strategic importance, as many castles & forts along the river testify. Today it was just beautiful in itself & the recurring bridges link the different areas with the city as the center. A beautiful place to walk along.

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It’s something very special with these balconies from 1950’s. It’s typical for this decade with balconies that’s cantilevered, in concrete & with steel railings – often in canvas or in corrugated steel sheet for protection or privacy.

Credit: helsinkifacades | Instagram
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Beautiful facades in Helsinki shared on Instagram by a travel photographer – photos that’s inspiring & makes you happy.

Henrifromhelsinki | Instagram
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Strolling around on any street, especially in new locations, is one of my favourite things to do. Never forget to look up or you may miss a lot of exciting & inspiring sights ⬆️

Credit: nice_living
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