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Into a knot 

With your hair twisted into a knot (carelessly conscious) that actually looks really good – you can feel confident that you look proper in any outfit & situation. Don’t you think? 

Take care / Marie 

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Bob cut

I have just been to the hairdresser. It’s always the usual, a few centimetres, to keep the curls in shape.

Nothing dramatic, oh no, not I, you know.

Bob haircut is not possible with curly hair because you don’t get the smooth style, even if it’s slightly chopped.

But my inspiration is this style anyway.






Take care / Marie

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Braided hair

It looks great with carelessly braided hair – neatly but not over the top, by any means. Looks as good if you want to dress up or simply to t-shirt & jeans.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, ads

This image is from African sunglass designer Karen Walkers ads & I fell for this beautiful look. Not only for the cool glasses but the whole appearance with the hair style, colour loops, the look , smile – great & inspiring picture.


Take care / Marie

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Hairstyles – tend to look different on different people. Short, super-short, long or longer – light, dark, black, or blonde, blue or green. I like people’s creativity & appreciates the inspiration it provides. Especially at parties when people have put some work in to fix their hair. By all means, in everyday life, too – it’s nice to see it all together with the style of clothes. It enhances the personality a lot, of course.

As you know by now, I wouldn’t choose to go too much outside my own comfort zone. So therefore there’s not much overly exciting styles in these images – merely things that I like for the aesthetics sake & many times for the sake of simplicity.

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annesage.comRomantic twisted hair braid / annesage.com blog

wmagazine.tumblr.com Striking hair styling / wmagazine.tumblr.com

weheartit.comClassic style with stylish colour highlights / weheartit.com

lovely-break.tumblr.comProper length for various styling / lovely-break.tumblr.com

perlamaarek.comStraight & simple / perlamaarek.com

thenletitbe.blogspot.comStylish length & colour / thenletitbe.blogspot.com

with-grace-and-guts.tumblr.comPonytail always works / with-grace-and-guts.tumblr.com

justthedesign.tumblr.comAnother variant of the ponytail / justthedesign.tumblr.com


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