Peace of mind

The whole room in white, very light, but above all light in the room due to white floor & white walls – and built-in white bookcase with small storage strictly organized. Peace of mind!

Credit: Credit: bobedredk

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The view

Imagine a nicer place to spend small moments of joy, a book, a cup of coffee & the nice view outside.

credit: Lantliv / Martin Cederblad

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Stockholm collection

Ikea’s Stockholm collection, a couple of years back. Will definitely remain as a classic for its timeless expression.

Credit: Ikea 2017

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Hidden oasis

A hidden oasis, perfect image in the current heat. (year-round actually, here in Singapore).


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It’s not everyone’s cup fo tea with colorless fashion, so to speak. I get those comments quite often on those posts. But nevertheless, I personally prefer that type of clothing but of course appreciate all kinds of fashion through the ages for pure inspiration.

Credit: whowhatwear

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