Super nice

The lamp is of course super nice but the wall is not far behind. Ribbed, with the perfect beige color in the right tone.


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Designed kitchens

Designed kitchens should always offer a stylish, functional look, preferably in high-quality materials but above all, in a timeless and well-functioning atmosphere. This solution & look will prove it right long term.

Credit: allofrenders

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Chocolate cake

Time for an image with a delicious dessert – chocolate cheese cake ūüćį with triple chocolate layers.

Credit: loveandoliveoil

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Pretty pictures

I’m always a sucker for pretty pictures. An old piano with sheet music, stool with floral cover, a few different pictures & arranged still life – and there you go!

Credit: decorationsalon

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A picture can change an entire room, contribute to the mood & inspire new ideas.

Credit: boligliv_dk

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