Daily inspiration, kitchen

Black shiny floor, white glossy cabinets, white furniture & rattan chairs plus medallion wallpaper – nicely indeed!

homeDSGN/ homeDSGN

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, commuting

I’m sorry for the poor picture, but think it’s worth posting because the idea is so appealing. To commute to & from work but still feel at home, almost.

inhabitat.com Train transformation in Japan / inhabitat.com train

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Hat mood

Hat Fashion comes & goes but don’t get a real foothold – not since the 50′s or 60′s anyway. It’s a shame – it’s so neat! Hats can be adapted to just about anything, no matter what you like to wear or what style you have. Stylish, handsome, bohemian, casual, romantic, sporty – or as sun protection! The thing is that there is no one who doesn’t look good in a hat! Just so you know, I’m heading down to grab a coffee with some friends – with my hat on!

french-voguettes.tumblr.comJeans & black hat / french-voguettes.tumblr.com cinzia mervin via pBrown on brown / cinzia mervin via pinterest.com classy-in-the-city.tumblr.comFelt hat with leather strap / classy-in-the-city.tumblr.com fab-doll.tumblr.comSlouch hat in golden brown / fab-doll.tumblr.com

gillianstevens.tumblr.com Wonderful moss green hunting hat / gillianstevens.tumblr.com – photo by Gillian Stevens indulgy.comStraw hat / indulgy.com loveminimalstyle.tumblr.comHopefully a more occurring accessory / loveminimalstyle.tumblr.com pieffy60.tumblr.comNeutral colour / pieffy60.tumblr.com: spejlvendt.tumblr.comWide brimmed hat design / spejlvendt.tumblr.com loonna via fancy.comNeat when the hair is braided under / loonna via fancy.com nylonpinksy.tumblr.comHat & suspenders to black, can it be better? / nylonpinksy.tumblr.com

With jeans / plaidndenim.tumblr.com

topshopSoft apricot or orange maybe, nevertheless, nice look / topshop
veronicalovesarchie.comDark on dark / veronicalovesarchie.com

flickr.comContrasts / flickr.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, personage

One of my “idols” from when I was young, a long time ago, was Buster Keaton. I realise that this might be an odd post amidst all home furnishing, fashion, food & outdoor posts. Buster was an American comic actor & was best known for his silent movies. He had a deadpan look – no matter in what situation he ended up. I don’t think that Buster Keaton was his real name but that wasn’t important – his performance made an impression on me. I think his era was around 1920 – 1935 maybe, when he was productive & recognised for his talent as actor. One of his movies was The General & around 2000 this film was ranked as the 15th best of all times. He disappeared out of my life, when I got older but I never forgot his expression or his performance. Comic but in a sad way!

I stumbled upon this image recently which reminded me about my upbringing which he was part of, in some way – thanks to my father who was a big admirer.

0 fancy.com/ fancy.com

Take care /Marie

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Daily inspiration, opposites

Isn’t this an exciting solution – a modern sleek kitchen with lower kitchen cabinets in white. And wooden crates used for storage above the kitchen bench. I like the old & the new, which is a bit unexpected but works just fine despite of the opposites. Intrigued by the levels that becomes by the different sizes of the crates. And how well it looks!

elledecoration.se/ elledecoration.se

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, loft living

I’m sure that you’ve seen this image before on various media. It’s a great interior on two levels, but still a small space, that looks large because of the layout & furniture placement. White floor & walls contributes, of course. With the black feature wall that reaches to the ceiling, the room appears larger & more spacious. Very stylish & inspiring Scandinavian style.

husligheter.se/ husligheter.se

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, home office

A home office, is that necessary nowadays – yes, I guess so. It depends on how much you’re working from home & how often. This is a nice solution with brown stained wooden table & soft contemporary office chairs – with drawer units at each side. I like the contrast between the sturdy wooden planks, the chairs & the iMac.

minimaldesks.tumblr.com/ minimaldesks.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, feel at home

You could say that it’s a lot of stuff – and yes, it is. But it’s lovely stuff that makes you feel at home. Burning stove, pieces of firewood, the rag rug, magazines, books – everything you can imagine for a nice relaxing time. pinterest.com/ pinterest.com Take care / Marie

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XL Pendant lamps

I have tried to find the time to call an electrician to replace the ceiling lights in every room through the house – but it always ends up on the to-do list. The old ceiling lamps are still there, after the previous owner. The more time passes, the less we think of them, unfortunately. While I’m waiting to summon up time & energy, I thought it might be nice to take a look at some different design & inspiration. Moreover, we need to agree on what we want in the family – before we can contact the dear electrician. Sometimes it is bothersome with democracy :)

estmagazine.com.auStyling that does the trick / estmagazine.com.au

pinterest.com:adrianeeeee:Classic beauties / pinterest.com:adrianeeeee

quintessenceblog.comAsian inspired / quintessenceblog.com

designtravellerIndustrial design / designtraveller

silver-blonde.tumblr.comBeautifies the working environment / silver-blonde.tumblr.com

s3.amazonaws.comA safe bet / s3.amazonaws.com

thedesignerpad Old & new design / thedesignerpad

miloandmitzyWell-chosen hottie in a nicely decorated room / miloandmitzy

remodelistaDesign in white & wood / remodelista

freshfusion.tumblr.comA nice grouping of various sizes / freshfusion.tumblr.com


Really stylish lamps in an equalstylish room / emmas.blogg.se

styleessentials.tumblr.comShiny metal with pink cords / styleessentials.tumblr.com

home-designing.comPerfect finish over the dining table / home-designing.com

hemnet.seStriking with brass to white / hemnet.se

mihstful.tumblr.comRetro-inspired design / mihstful.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, neat & inspiring

A structured interior with plenty of space despite the gallery-wall that could easily have been perceived as disruptive. But straight lines with storage below that enhances the lines – provides a neat & inspiring room with furniture in smooth design & beautiful colour scheme of grey, black, white & birch.

cinoh.tumblr.com/ cinoh.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, restful

Grey, beige & tobacco brown is not a common colour combination.  Light-grey sliding doors, tobacco brown wallpaper & what i find most inspiring, frames that follows the shape of the headboard. A nice bedroom with a calm colour scheme.

stilinspiration.blogspot.se:/ stilinspiration.blogspot.se

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, black & white

Back to basics again, as always – textiles in black & white with simple patterns, graphic designed to fit with most things in the same style or simply easy to combine with other patterns. I know you may think I’m repeating myself with this style, but this is as it is, when it comes to preferences.

all-things-bright-and-beyootiful.tumblr.com/ all-things-bright-and-beyootiful.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie


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We spent a nice weekend a while ago, with friends on the countryside with lunches, i n& out of shops, museums, bookstores, wineries – and much has been rustic charm. I fell for an old-fashioned candy store with an enormous range. Most of the candy was in glass jars so you had to screw off, pick out the number of candy you wanted & screw the cap back.

We had lunch in an old pub with home cooked food & hearty portions. Winding roads with expansive views, farmland, hills & valleys. It gives some perspective to the life one are living in constant traffic jams & noise. Although I prefer the city with all the buzz, I was delighted for the temporary change of environment. There’s no place like home, despite the attractive countryside.

madeinpersbo.blogspotRustic kitchen with low ceiling / madeinpersbo.blogspot

blogbymildred Genuine environment / blogbymildred

votrebellemaison.tumblr.comA wonderful dining table / votrebellemaison.tumblr.com

annatruelsen A charming mix / annatruelsen

betterhomes&gardens A more modern version / betterhomes&gardens

harligthemmaCollectible items / harligthemma

starsmasquerading.tumblr.comFinds from auctions & flea markets / starsmasquerading.tumblr.com

bohemianwornest.tumblr.comBeautiful, including the windows / bohemianwornest.tumblr.com

lantlig&shabby Very Swedish country style / lantlig&shabby

thelittlecorner/ thelittlecorner.tumblr.com

vintagehome.tumblr.comIron beds & flowered wall paper / vintagehome.tumblr.com

madeinpersboMint green in the pantry / madeinpersbo

remainsimple.tumblr.comWould you like to have a cup of tea? / remainsimple.tumblr.com

facebook.com:makabresku.fairy.talesSweet simplicity / facebook.com:makabresku.fairy.tales

livingETCVintage, when it gets old enough / livingETC

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, vintage

Some people has a great feel for how to put certain styles together – simply based on their taste & not according to fashion. Some people has a great feel for how to put together certain styles – simply based on their taste & not according to fashion. Call it talent, competence or just love. Whatever it is – it’s inspiring!

hearthandmade.co.uk/ hearthandmade.co.uk

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, shades of grey

Light grey, dark plus darker grey, different lengths plus layer on layer – that’s incredibly stylishly or neat depending on the design. That the environment is suitable in grey & white with a brick wall behind makes it even more great.

expensivelife.tumblr.com/ expensivelife.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, light & fresh

A beautiful environment in light wood that recur on floor, wall & ceiling and surrounds the entire seating area. Dark wood furniture with lighter wood details in both tables & chairs are excellent addition in the room.

desiretoinspire.net/ desiretoinspire.net

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, skateboard

A great piece of art, to the point that it almost would be sad to use it & tear it down with scratches. Great basic colours & graphically exciting – I wouldn’t mind having it leaned to the wall somewhere suitable – even if I can’t use it, really.


/ designcouncil.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, white on white

Ok, you might think that this interior is a bit cold with all the white on white. And I can agree on it because i would prefer to add something that breaks up all white, to achieve a little contrast & depth. But also to add a bit more warmth to the whole. If nothing else, at least a rug under the table to keep the group together to create a base. Nevertheless, I like it.

pinterest.com:chantalvdpol:/ pinterest.com

Take care / Marie

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Street art

We are hired as private drivers, part-time, usually involuntarily & unprepared – I may not have told you that! It’s various activities, dinners, gigs & other we are asked to drive our boys to, and it’s unpredictable. To put it nicely – we get to see places we otherwise wouldn’t. Different suburbs, neighbourhoods & areas where they usually meet with friends.

So in other words, inspiration from the streets today – it’s not about aesthetics, it’s about peoples creativity. The way people can change the street scene, not through architecture but by being ingenious in a simple, down to earth-way. What’s exciting is that it can turn up anywhere & unexpected. It makes me think about the person behind & the reasoning. I call it street art, where others might look at it as clutter or graffiti…perhaps.

ginandbird.tumblr.com/ ginandbird.tumblr.com

streetartutopiaLove you too / streetartutopia

tumblr.comA crack becomes a spider web / tumblr.com

tumblr.com Bicycle parking with joy / tumblr.com

tumblr.comThe Leaning Tower of Pisa / tumblr.com

pinterest.comNice stair decoration with a homey feeling / pinterest.com

memolition.comA tiny speck that keeps the streets clean / memolition.com

memolition.comColourful characters with twinkle in the eye / memolition.com

photobucket.comLook up! / photobucket.com

imcallingshots.tumblr.comWhat was once was meant, means something else now / imcallingshots.tumblr.com

google imagesSomeone is a passionate knitter / google images

fancy.comDices among cobbles / fancy.com

evysinspirations.tumblr.comThere’s a view,  with or without windows / evysinspirations.tumblr.com

fancy.com:katyakirnovaConstant watering / fancy.com:katyakirnova

fancy.comCurly hair / fancy.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, muted colours

This is a somewhat subdued colour scale – maybe a little masculine – a large comfortable sofa, dark carpet, cushions & a small seating area with an amazing view of the skyline. Without the dark floor, it could have been a sterile experience. Concentrated styling can do much.

heartandsoel.blogspot.com:/ heartandsoel.blogspot.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, black ink

This kind of pen was once one of my  - in the days when it was more personal with a letter. It was an event in itself – just because you knew that someone had taken the time to write & that it was handwritten. Isn’t that something that is very rare today, or?






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Daily inspiration, carriage

I just love this image. I avoid all forms of public transport – but with such environments as this train wagon, it would be a privilege to commute.

offwhiteandburgundy.tumblr.com/ offwhiteandburgundy.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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Mattresses, why? Well, it reminds me of childhood, all the nights spent at the cottage, in the caravan, with friends, at summer camp, etc. They can be used for so much. Also easy to stow away. And of course, easy to change the look with fabric, if you feel like it. Useful in the teenage room with several layers to make it more comfortable or on the settee or wooden bench – why not directly on the floor with a nice cover on.

79ideasThick mattress with pink stripes / heartwarmings.tumblr.com

kireei.comBroad stripes in green-blue / kireei.com

thebooandtheboy.comPrincess (or prince) and the Pea / thebooandtheboy.com

heartwarmings.tumblr.comComfortably rolled for better backrest / heartwarmings.tumblr.com

SAdecor&designVintage beds with old fashioned mattresses / SAdecor&design

apaperaeroplane.tumblr.comStripes in masses / apaperaeroplane.tumblr.com

livethemma Home made mattresses with fabric covers / livethemma.se

mommodesignCustomised after the size of the house / mommodesign

room269.tumblr.comSimplicity / room269.tumblr.com

domoweinspiracjeiplany.blox.plExciting & striking / domoweinspiracjeiplany.blox.pl

decor8blog.comFabric-covered mattresses / decor8blog.com

pinterest.comMattresses combined into a sofa place / pinterest.com

plaza.seBring your mattresses outdoors / plaza.se

suisses.frHomemade solution / suisses.fr

whiteandothercolors.tumblr.comCountry style / whiteandothercolors.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, small compact house

An adorable building or if you rather prefer, house. A woodland glade with a small compact house in a lovely green colour that is not too common. A cool porch / entrance, vertically placed windows & a beautiful autumn setting. It cannot get better!

/ archdaily.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, boots

Time to put on the boots! Autumn brings so much nice things, not only beautiful colours, beautiful weather, cooler winds but also the need to put on slightly warmer cloths – and boots!

fancy.com/ fancy.com

Take care / Marie


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Daily inspiration, atmosphere

A wooden table, some chairs & stools, a tablecloth plus various kitchen props creates a delightful tingling atmosphere – not forgetting the fabulous window with a smaller window integrated.

79ideas.org/ 79ideas.org

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, white bathroom

Bright white bathrooms – something of a must, in my case. Mosaic that shimmers in shades of white are beautiful even if I prefer 10×10 cm tile that is a little uneven at the edges, entirely in white. This solution is appealing, same material on walls & floor but with wall parts that is only white. Simple & beautiful!

ideasgn.tumblr.com/ ideasgn.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, office space

We spend a good time of our life at work, which can be a topic that we want don’t want to think of, perhaps. But the more important to look at one’s work space, the environment & make the best out of it. Keep it clean, nice & tidy but also invest time to look at how it looks & how it could be improved – even if it’s about sharing space. This is my idea of an open work space. 

somewhereiwouldliketolive.blogspot.com/ somewhereiwouldliketolive.blogspot.com

Take care / Marie 

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So today I felt for a post with some armchairs in different styles & shapes. That’s after a rather uncomfortable evening in a restaurant with great interior, great food & great people. It was  decorated with small, small table, stools & armchairs with a mix of old & new – very nice & inviting environment albeit slightly dark. The thing is that it looked really nice which is a big part of an experience but once you’ve been sitting for a while, you feel it in your whole body.

The armchairs are too high for the low coffee tables or opposite & the tables are too small for more than two & you have to bend or lean to reach for things. It became way too uncomfortable after a while. It’s great with inspiring places & it’s nice when it looks stylish, cool or different. It’s just that  I’m always impressed when it’s combined with functionality – when someone have taken the time to think through everything.

arkpad.com.brPastel classics / arkpad.com.br

elv-s-blogspotStylish black & steel / elv-s-blogspot

79ideas.orgPleasant colour combinations / 79ideas.org

decor8blog.comAn oldie with new accessories / decor8blog.com

husidokkar.tumblr.comFluffy with slim legs / husidokkar.tumblr.com

frenchconnection Safari style / frenchconnection

livethemmaGrandma’s armchair / livethemma.se

feelinspired Elegant & classic / feelinspired

skandinaviandeko.comSwedish cabin style / skandinaviandeko.com

vintageluxe.tumblr.comDark blue & dark brown wood / vintageluxe.tumblr.com

mocolocoContemporary with caramel colours / mocoloco

cazuiyo.tumblr.comAn armchair for two / cazuiyo.tumblr.com

inside-homes.tumblr.com An a pink pair / inside-homes.tumblr.com

bloglovin.comVintage in leather / bloglovin.com

pinterest.com:rozenbroodStyling in green / pinterest.com:rozenbrood

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, kitchen design

A cool kitchen which has a super thoughtful design with a lot of invisible elements that give a sense of something new & different. Industrial style with the right attributes & material selection. The brick wall does its part too. Design: Tom Dixon

blog.thedpages.com:tom-dixon-maison-objet-designer-of-the-year/ blog.thedpages.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, stackable

I fell in love with this stool – in nice colours but also in white. Nice to look at, simple, stylish playful design & easy to move about as needed or set aside since they are easy to stack – simply lovely, like small tasty candies!

espritdesign.tumblr.com/ espritdesign.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, simple & neat

You don’t get that much colour when I post things about clothing. It’s usually more single coloured items but I guess that you aware of that by now. Here’s a nice image with a beige trench coat & scarf & black trousers with matching bag. The style I like!

justthedesign.tumblr.com:/ justthedesign.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, corner seating

A nice corner with large open windows with corner seating & space behind for books & other necessary things. I would of course prefer to soften up with curtains & add some colour. And with a rug under the table, I would be totally happy with the space, but that’s me. Otherwise it’s a nice little hang out-corner.

chictip.com/ chictip.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, velvet

Velvet, in my world, not too common unfortunately which is a shame really because it’s such a great material. These patterns are adorable with its colourful richness & softness. A splash of colour in the everyday life.

skonahem.com/ skonahem.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, a thing of beauty

I have a small heart-shaped cushions that my son bought as a mothers-day gift many years ago. It’s in white linen fabric with similar type of embroidery as this one on the image. It says, mum is the best & goes well with the quote below. This gift has been a joy for along time :)

svenskt_tenn/ svenskttenn.se

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, autumn

It’s hard to believe that its autumn now. Especially with a weather that is better than the best Swedish summer day. It has been around 27-28 degrees most of the time or more. Trees & bushes are slowly changing their attire to a warm colourful version. I loved autumn back home but I think I prefer it here with the warm & pleasant weather – and those beautiful giant trees that are impressive in both size & colour.

reaminsimple.tumblr.com in the moment/ reaminsimple.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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Wall decor

Yes, it is time again for some nice solutions of frames in different configurations. It’s a bit more colour than usual, I think. I cannot imagine my home without pictures on the wall, or on the floor, leaning against the wall. Preferably in frames since I feel it looks as if they are unfinished. But it depends on the material & motif, I guess. And place, location, surrounding, size & style etc…

designsponge.comLovely furniture & colours together with the wall / designsponge.com

elleinteriorSimple base where colours comes through in interaction with the other attributes in the room / elleinterior.se

jennygrimsgardphotogrphyBlack, white, grey – monochromatic appealing / jennygrimsgardphotogrphy

interiorguidenStriped, checkered, graphic & some colour splash / interiorguiden

margrethe-myhrerOne motif, multiple colours, in one row / margrethe-myhrer

thefancy.comIt doesn’t have to be multiple or lots of frames, pick two /  thefancy.com

decoratualma.blogspot.comBrittle & thin frames with the same style on the message inside / decoratualma.blogspot.com

theyallhateusFrames in a line following the furniture / theyallhateus.com

myparadissi.tumblr.comIn one row, in the same height over the entire wall / myparadissi.tumblr.com

poluux viafA statement in the room / poluux viaf

sfgirlbybayArtistic impression / sfgirlbybay

skonahemCasual & easy to change / skonahem.se

parlourhomeblogThe mature style with a mix of old & new / parlourhomeblog

interiorphotosVertically in one limited line / interiorphotos

designspongeStill life arrangement / designsponge

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, pea-green

I don’t know if this is the latest from the Swedish fashion company’s home collection – but it reminds me about spring time. I like the mix of light  Scandinavian furniture, an old table & pea-green & white textiles.

hm.com/ hm.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, dramatic

A relatively dramatic interior design with a strong graphic expression. Rather good that the walls are white at the upper part & that the furniture are in wood. Otherwise the risk is that it becomes too much, too messy look, simply too much to absorb.

mycasa / mycasa

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, brown details

A comfortable room with a simple expression, just a few furniture but much detail. Beautiful with white as the base, wood, old & new, and a lot of brown accents, which heats up & creates comfort.

behance.net/ behance.net

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, flower pots

I cannot say that I have an ability with green plants or that I have lots at home. The other day, a friend who fell in love with one of the plants that I had in a white  stylish small pot on the side table. She was disappointed when I told her that it wasn’t genuine. Well, it is what it is.

These type of plants suits me, especially in pots similar to these – very simple & nice.


/ flickr.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, nice space

A nice Swedish home environment with a soft coloured background & white furnishing. The textiles are important, of course. With them you create home-feeling, comfort & pleasant atmosphere. The lights gives life to the wall & with a shelf, it’s easy to move around & change things when it suits.

alvhemmakleri.se/ alvhemmakleri.se

Take care / Marie

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Beige colours

I know many might feel that beige isn’t a particularly interesting colour & that’s ok. I myself often return to that colour both in terms of clothing but also in terms of images. I’ve chosen different images that goes towards beige, brown, sand-coloured, vanilla, light brown, camel – without a thought of anything else than this thing in common. From light tones to the darker ones. I hope you find something that inspires you :)

westelm.comBeauties in different shapes / westelm.com

heatonheaton.tumblr.comNice place for dinner / heatonheaton.tumblr.com

jamesrobertirvine.tumblr.comExciting contrast / jamesrobertirvine.tumblr.com

tumblr.comHarmonious bedroom / tumblr.com

fancy.comThe old fashioned way, today  / fancy.com

henrybourne photographySoft textiles / henrybourne photography

fortheloveofpretty Classic / fortheloveofpretty

trendland.comNeutrals / trendland.com

cazuiyo.tumblr.comPlywood / cazuiyo.tumblr.com

google imageA daily must / google image

fancy.comNice sweater / fancy.com

pinterest.comHere we go / pinterest.com

google.comCommon sense / google.com

79ideas Blankets / 79ideas

casadevalentina.comBeige locations / casadevalentina.com

 Take care / Marie

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