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Dark hues

A bit dark hues in the bedroom with a possibly DIY headboard in leather. Pretty simple & neat, but – perhaps a little masculine – making the atmosphere.

lifestyle_by_mi .png

lifestyle_by_mi / Instagram


Take care / Marie

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 I’m not sure but I think I’ve posted this image once but it’s one of my favourites for Christmas.

Simply because it’s so clever & simple. Creativity at it’s best.


Take care / Marie

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Clever DIY

I know that it sounds simple with DYI when in fact it can be time consuming & not always something you can do on your own. Still, some things are simple & has a big impact.

See these images as pure inspiration & be inspired to think or do  something that will suit your taste & home.



planet deco via bloglovin.com

planet deco via bloglovin.com










Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, coffee shop furniture

This picture that I found online, I believe is from a new place in Melbourne. What I like with it, is actually the whole environment. It’s mainly the light but also the brick walls that are painted in white. The table with black base & wooden board. Those classic chairs that has been painted in pale pastels & the untreated floor. I also like the built-in wood shelves with the few things that has been stored inside. They are more apparent with the white wall behind, in the background. The pendants, they become like the icing on the cake.

specadoc.com/ specadoc.com

Take care / Marie

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Christmas gifts

IICHRISTMAS – gifts, Christmas night, longing, joy & togetherness. Time together with my loved ones, no stress or any other demands – just tiiiiiiime. The joy of moments together – getting to sink into the comfort of your home, with the people you love. The TV or music is on in the background. The darkness that comes creeping towards the evening, lit candles, blankets & pillows & a long night of conversation & storytelling.

Christmas presents are of course a part of Christmas goodies, but not the most essential after all. It’s about being together, with time as a precious gift. To feel the joy in everything that’s great or small & above all – health. That’s my present to you – wishing you the best in health & love.

chatelaine.comShiny ribbon / chatelaine.com

baenk.comGold & glittery / baenk.com

seersuckerandmagnolWaiting for Christmas eve / seersuckerandmagnol

frenchbydesignWonderful image / Frenchbydesign

heartbeatoz Simplicity / heartbeatoz

bymildred.blogspotLast details / bymildred.blogspot

ullamaijahanninen.netInspiring / ullamaijahanninen.net

tinywhitedaisiesAestethic / tinywhitedaisies

housedoctor.dkPractical / housedoctor.dk

paigesmithdesignsPoetical / paigesmithdesigns

sundayinbedCreative / sundayinbed

google.comStyling / google.com

mariawinckel Generous / mariawinckel via Pinterest

bobedreEnjoying / bobedre

bloomingville.comCelebrating / bloomingville.com

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