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Nature that’s nurtured together with architectural solutions helps us to get closer to natural & healthy homes. As this place with its shapes & forms incorporated in the existing landscape.

Credit: melissa_penfold
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Black and white

A home decorated in a monochrome theme that goes like a red thread throughout the home. Extremely inspiring & appealing with many details & solutions.

Credit: designs2love.de

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There are very nice ideas with gallery walls in many homes now with creative solutions – giving the home a personal touch.


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Small ideas

Ideas, yes, but for small space living – that can look appealing, inspiring & very functional despite the limited space.

Especially if you can keep up the surface through uniform thinking & colour scale.



Take care / Marie

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Hallway solution

I find hallways inspiring when browsing through images with different solutions, I think it is because it’s such important area of the home, the first impressions of the place. I am especially fond of space saving solutions with furniture along the wall & opportunities to get outerwear out of the way without hassle.  And the floor free with space to move around.


Take care / Marie

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