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An image from El Fenn Hotel in Marrakech – definitely an account on Instagram (elfennmarrakech) to visit if you love colours. 


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Far away

I often long for home, whether I’m at work, on a trip, dinner or other activities. A home-rat simply. But there are moments when I want to get away, far away from people, city, traffic, noise & demands. Somewhere like this 👍


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Hotel mood / 160

Hej friends,

Hotel – just to taste the word, it creates a feeling of happiness inside because it’s mostly associated with holiday, long nice days, relaxing atmosphere, time together with loved ones. But also connected with hard work, long days, late nights, early mornings, meetings, deadlines etc. Almost each word has a positive meaning but can be turned into something that’s less positive, which depends on each persons experience, attitude & mood & situation. It has to do with peoples approach to life, how we look at things, what we have gone through & our different perspective, I assume. And rightly so, of course. As we also carry around a backpack of occurrences, meetings, upbringing, experiences etc. Not to forget our own personality which we have to work with, some more & some less. I believe it’s called development.

But to return to the topic hotel rooms, I’ve focussed mostly on bedrooms for natural reasons. And it’s not real hotel rooms, it’s actually bedrooms with a hotel – feeling. Something you can do at home while or when you are in a hotel mood:)

I guess you expected anything other than an image of a bed…/ Designedforlife

Light grey tones in an otherwise pared down & harmonius room / Skonahem

Beautiful & stylish, nothing that disturbs the mind / Skonahem

 Simple & elegant with a wallpaper that amplifies / Plaza

Room for two furnished with colour & style / Letmebeinspired

White & simple with the suitcases ready / Letmeinspired

/ Thefancy.com

/ Pinterest.com

/ Letmebeinspired

/ Weheartit.com

/ Skonahem

 / Skonahem

/ Thefancy.com

/ Pinterest

 Take care / Marie

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