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Warm orange

A “dominant” couch in a fantastic warm orange color with equally attractive solitaires that enhances the experience. Neat!


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For the love of the couch – the design, look, colour – which says welcome on board.



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Very Scandinavian

A very nice and appealing environment that truly enhances the couch, fabrics & accents – can it become more Scandinavian …



Take care / Marie

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White sofa

We have been looking around for a new sofa to one of our rooms, connected to the living room where you can sit & read without interruption or work on small projects, etc. It proved out to be a sand coloured couch, small in size but fluffy & comfortable with a lot of pillows.

But I was looking for & preferred a white one, like this one maybe…it will have to wait for the next hunt, to the living room instead.

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We’re looking for a couch to our current home office – that’s no longer needed in that function. We move through the house with our laptops where it suits instead of being guided by one place.

So now there will be more seatings in front of the fireplace instead. I’d like something similar to this sofa but not as strict.


Take care / Marie

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