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I like the simplicity of this image – and the styling. White & black is one of my things, as you know. Simple sofa with white cover & some white details, black stylish sofa table & some greenery, voila!


Take care / Marie

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Sofas in mind

We recently changed our sofas from dark grey covers to light grey & somewhat lighter material to fit the warmer weather. It got me thinking about sofas, mainly because we intend to replace the armchair in the work room to a smaller sofa instead – or maybe it will end up with another form of seating or function. Anyhow, once I had picked, selected, put aside & selected again, which took a while because there are so many nice images as well as sofas, I realised that I’ve chosen a lot of grey sofas. Funny how your mind works unconsciously – probably because I had grey in the back of my head for some reason or am I simply drawn to that colour right now, maybe…

You know that I don’t choose images after my taste only, it has to be something appealing of course but I love to have a spread in style & taste for it not to become too predictable. In any case, in terms of today’s blog post, I opt out of most gray sofas to mix it up with other colors. Well, other colors may be perhaps to promise too much, but other than grey then. 

husligheter Pleasant grayscale / husligheter

hemnet.sePleasant light & grey colours / hemnet.se

bhg.comGrey wall colours to off white sofa / bhg.com

homeartblog.comDark sofa colour gives stability to the room / homeartblog.com

fancy.comOne of my favourite images / frenchbydesignblog

google.comAnother one of my favourite images / google.com

linkdecoRelatively busy but still / linkdeco

madeinpersbo A very nice sofa indeed / madeinpersbo

planetdeco White with green accents / planetdeco

temple&websterRattan, for coastal style / temple&webster

marymadethisWhite & fresh / marymadethis

ollieandsebshaus.co.ukGrey, black & white / ollieandsebshaus.co.uk

decor8blog.comFinally some colour / decor8blog.com

79ideas.orgNice combination / via 79ideas.org

tumblr.comAnother handsome grey / tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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