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Daily inspiration, refreshing

I don’t know if I have used you this refreshing image earlier. I just think it’s a lovely image with a white room, yes, but still  fresh, inspiring & inviting. The large lamp shades with rounded structure creates a ceiling over the table with an intimate feel. The strict table with hefty tabletop amplifies the chairs shape & design further. Plus adds warmth to the environment.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, home office

A home workplace should be warm, cozy & inspiring, right? You thrive better which makes you feel better too. And by feeling better, you become more creative as well as productive – words that hit high in today’s society. Warm colours, a large work desk, convenient storage & lots of daylight – that’s the way to go!

homdecoronsession.tumblr.com/ homdecorobsession.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, blond

This is a neat & simple storage solution & this kind of boxed shelving system are very much into fashion. Floor & walls in white are forming a base for the bookshelf or whatever one prefer to store instead of books. To not risk letting all blend in to a nothing, someone have selected a desk & a stool in light wood material, and a chair in metal. Still a light & blonde impact. Caramel colors of the props & light streaming in from the side reinforces. thedesignchaser mix/ designchaser Take care / Marie

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Place of work / 182

Hej friends,

I promised to do something more modern way back when I blogged about workplaces. I was reminded recently so I guess I have to keep my promises. And I don’t mind, there’s so many inspiring work spaces, for sure. I have a particular fondness for long desks for, preferably several in a row. I like it when I can see what I’m doing & things sorted in a manner that gives me an overview. Especially when I can move things along the tables & still have it spacious around & beside.

I do favour basic colours as you know … black & white  with a few colourful details. Similar to the first image below or the third. The fourth isn’t so bad, nor the fifth either. Well, as I said, there’s loads of great & inspiring solutions. And why chose when you can have it all…at least through images 🙂

Great impression with simple means /Letmebeinspired

Open floor plan, open areas & functional spaces for different needs / Designshimmer

Structured inspiration / LNA via Pinterest

Small space with colourful details / Susanna Vento

Light, bright & beautiful / Letmebeinspired

Desk lamp in bright green that makes you happy / Designmilk

Simple yet appealing / Lineklein

Beautiful furniture with a beautiful view / The Fancy

Working from home works well / Google

Nice combination in wood & metal / kulunkadecoblog

Something exciting for the small people too / IKEA

Neat desk & loads of natural light / Yeloowtrace

Long desk with storage above / Desiretoinspire

White base, with low storage & soft colours / Kotilo

 Modern, rustic & colourful at the same time / Ruemagasine

Take care / Marie

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