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Spring collection

Furniture from the Swedish company Norrgavel’s spring collection for 2017. 



Take care / Marie

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A nice “mobile” bookshelf that is easy to placer wherever it fits, especially if you want to rearrange the furniture now & then.

I would not mind several pieces in a row – but it is necessary to be cautious when arranging books & decorative items.


Take care / Marie

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Dark blue colour

Two nice furniture, this sofa & armchair – but it is mainly the dark blue color that attracts at the moment. I have this sofa, but mine is with a white cover. Maybe I should add some cushions in dark blue, to make it simple.



Take care / Marie

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Office furniture

I’m not sure if this is meant for office environment or for home / dining collection. Nevertheless, great classic design & nice combination with light grey covers & dark wood.



Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, refreshing environment

It’s refreshing with environments that isn’t cluttered with lots of architectural details & overload of material. It’s nice when you allow a space to speak for itself through architecture and interior design, or rather lack of as there’s nothing   that interferes vertically.
Light, space, natural light and colour pop.


Take care / Marie

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