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Container world

There are so many great ideas on how to use / reuse containers in different contexts & uses. And make them work functionally as well as aesthetically.

Credit: shippingcontainerworld

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Daily inspiration, attic space

A nice room with sloping ceiling in the attic with a lot of charm through the worn & old furniture that makes the whole room is perceived as cozy.


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Daily inspiration, silhouette

The wallpapers from my childhood was somewhat patterned, striped or floral. The range available today are both from that time because much recurs sooner or later and gets a new name, or they can look like this image. Is not exciting with a silhouette of a city skyline – one gets the feeling that they are working in an office, although you are at home. Nice!


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, refreshing

I don’t know if I have used you this refreshing image earlier. I just think it’s a lovely image with a white room, yes, but still  fresh, inspiring & inviting. The large lamp shades with rounded structure creates a ceiling over the table with an intimate feel. The strict table with hefty tabletop amplifies the chairs shape & design further. Plus adds warmth to the environment.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, office space

We spend a good time of our life at work, which can be a topic that we want don’t want to think of, perhaps. But the more important to look at one’s work space, the environment & make the best out of it. Keep it clean, nice & tidy but also invest time to look at how it looks & how it could be improved – even if it’s about sharing space. This is my idea of an open work space. 

somewhereiwouldliketolive.blogspot.com/ somewhereiwouldliketolive.blogspot.com

Take care / Marie 

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