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Container world

There are so many great ideas on how to use / reuse containers in different contexts & uses. And make them work functionally as well as aesthetically.

Credit: shippingcontainerworld

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Great idea

Shipping Containers constructed for small business – great idea & solution.

Credit: cubed_living

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Container living

Every time I drive past the airport, I see the huge container hangar where the containers are stacked on one another, in endless rows. It looks like an exciting landscape of orderly rows of giant iron boxes. I think it looks extremely appealing, can’t help it. Every time, the thought occurs, that I would like to live there … which impossible of course. At least right there. But it  is possible to live in a dumpster … or whatever name that is appropriate. They are suitable both as workplace, a home, storey building, kindergarten & so on. Or even a mobile home, why not!

Here are some great solutions that are interesting in many ways. The possibilities are endless & it shouldn’t be too expensive, for those interested. What do you think?

lambert.comContainer depot / Lambert

decocrush.tumblr.comFor the wanderlust / decocrush.tumblr.com

ideastosteal Complete small space / ideastosteal

fancy fFrench door rooms made from shipping containers / fancy.com

thedesignerpad.comPossible to furnish with character / thedesignerpad.com

images.search.yahoo.comSeveral storeys works too / images.search.yahoo.com

inthralld.comPermanent living / inthralld.com

recyclart.org Modern container school / recyclart.org

designmom.com pop up hotel / designmom.com

catwood.comEye catching coffee shop / catwood.com

busyboo.comSummer house / busyboo.com

pinterest.comStylish black architecture / Pinterest.com

100life.jp.comWedged between “real” houses, really nice /  100life.jp,com

architizer.comWith a patio too / architizer.com

Take care / Marie

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