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I’ve been up in the attic to look up our old chandelier that we bought when we were first married. What was for many many years ago. But these classic lights never goes out of time. This one is a classic chandelier, like the first picture below, but something simpler in shape. They can of course have incredibly different looks. The great thing is that they work in all areas of the home no matter what style it is.

My thought is to plug in our old one in the hallway which has high ceiling. But I guess that we have to have family council before we can take a decisions. Everyone has to have a point of view on what & why, if we are to change at home. Don’t know why we took that path when they were small, the guys. It’s not as charming now when they have the need to express what they think – all the time 🙂

pinterest.comWhite & beautiful / pinterest.com

countrystyleWith colour / countrystyle

fleaingfrance.comXXL size / fleaingfrance.com

fromscandinaviawithloveDecorative / fromscandinaviawithlove

inspiredesign.tumblr.comRomantic / inspiredesign.tumblr.com

interiordeclineMagnificent beauties / interiordecline

jessicahelgersoninteriordesignRound & flat / jessicahelgersoninteriordesign

marieolssonnylander photographyOriental influence / marieolssonnylander photography

ninafarmerinteriors.blogspot.auSeveral in a row / ninafarmerinteriors.blogspot.au

organized-clutter.tumblr.comSimple & sweet / organized-clutter.tumblr.com/


Grand / parisboutiquehotel via tumblr.com

bellacella.tumblr.comNice setting / bellacella.tumblr.com

theyallhateus.comTimeless / theyallhateus.com

skonahem.seEmbellish the outdoor patio / skonahem.se

traditionalhome.comNice in the bedroom / traditionalhome.com

casasugar.comSimple beauty / casasugar.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, Scandi

This is a beautiful setting – the floor and the light with nice & fresh impression. It is also high ceilings and lots of beautiful wooden features. With furniture that are upholstered with removable fabric. The whole room has a rhythm and atmosphere that is very appealing. Enjoy!

bemz.com/ bemz.com

Take care / Marie

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I thought I might inspire with something in white today – even though I’m fully aware of the fact that not everyone is over the moon when it comes to white. But alas, so it warms my old heart. Everyone has their favourite colours & I guess that some would not even think of white as colour, or black either, for that matter. I for one, think that white fits almost everywhere. White is the colour of pure snow or milk. It’s the color of light that contains all of the wavelengths of the visible spectrum without absorption. In Western culture, white is the color most often associated with innocence, perfection, the good, honesty, neutrality & lightness. It’s interesting how much of importance we associate to a colour.

It’s said that white colour affects us physically, such as aid in mental care. It encourages us to clear clutter or other obstacles. Even that the colour evokes purification of thoughts & actions. The ancient greeks wore white to bed to ensure pleasant dreams. According to Pantone inc., white is the best selling colour for the classic american t-shirt. I find it hard to find stuff in white, such as garment, bedding or furniture, to give a few examples. By that I mean in Australia or rather here in Sydney. Recent months, it has started to appear white pants in the stores, which have been almost impossible to find previously. I had to take the opportunity to shop several pair of white pants at home, when we were on a visit. Things are changing slowly.

Here’s, to those who don’t consider white being a colour:

“The first of all single colors is white … We shall set down white as the representative of light, without which no color can be seen; yellow for the earth; green for water; blue for air; red for fire; and black for total darkness.” — Leonardo Da Vinci

witanddelightSnow white  landscape / witanddelight

thatkindofwomanWhipped cream / thatkindofwoman vi tumblr

Old & new in white nice combination / kotinvinkki.fi

Simple & welcoming work place / pinterest.com

Tiles, bench top, utensils, milk, flour – in white / cervera.se

Glossy white cabinet doors / expressen.se

dainty&floralFluffy white chandelier / dainty&floral

A perfect small kitchen with lots of storage / skandinaviandeko

Soft, nice & white / homeandgarden

Tablecloths in white to white porcelain / oldbasics

While appealing, I wonder whether it would work with a bath directly on wooden floor / bathroom-review

A dream bedroom in white / kimtimmerman.com

Stillness & beauty combined / jukkarapo

Stylish in white, all year around / coronado via fancy

White walls & imageless frames / kotivinkki.fi

Enjoy your holiday & take care / Marie

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Strings of lights / 218

Christmas – the most enlightened feast during the year, don’t you think. The world should be filled with lamps in various forms as well as outdoor lighting, lightstrings, candles, lanterns, well – what else, yes I forgot the fireplace too. It creates a certain feeling, using lighting here &  there … depending on which feast you are celebrating, what colors you’re using plus where & how much lighting to use. I live in a place where we have dark nights despite a lovely light from early morning to late evening…so we need some help to light up our lives. In this way, this is a great season.

I arrived home late from work one evening & thought lightning had cracking down on our street. But not at all, it was one of our neighbors who had been decorating with all the light that can be bought in the world, in his garden. They live a few houses away from us & I became completely dazzled. I drove by slowly as well as gently & when I  passed, I returned into total darkness again. An amazing experience, I must say … but definetivt not an aesthetic one … but more as an unexpected thing that you do not believe can happen, if you don’t experienced it. It might be cruel to say that it wasn’t beautiful, after probably fairly hard work, but nonetheless an experience, which of course is not bad in itself 🙂

Festive with strings of light around the mirror / cherryblossom

Very few things can create a festive atmosphere such as lighting / dyingofcute

A glittering world / hautefavesdeux

Create your own Christmas tree / imgfave.com

Beautiful staircase with simple means / kristinblossom via tumblr

Guided entre – festively atmosphere / kristinblossom via tumblr
Use light strings where it suits you  / ruemagazine

Create your own little world / shelterness.com

Smallish but effective / Google.com

How about an enlightened landscape on the chest of drawers /splendidwillow.com

Quite enough in the right part of the room / vogses

Beautiful entrance / tumblr.com

Decorative preparation / pinterest.com

Sometimes it needs no more / flickr.com

Suitable for outdoor use / restorationhardware

Happy holiday / Marie

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