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Mindful moments

Creating an atmosphere around an activity can help us to be attentive to an experience worth attending to. Images below are a good way to describe this visually. You can find out more here: 



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An image from the Hotel Emma – a newly historic conversion that have given the accommodation that old flavour that takes you 150 years back, the end of the 19th century, with that times elegance and as it seems, amazing comfort.


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A small glimpse of a generous wooden porch & fine details that enhances comfort & well-being. (with a fantastic roof).


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Everyday luxury

Everyday luxury for me is a freshly made bed – it increases comfort considerably. A simple measure that can’t be underestimated, beleive me. Here with pillows and bedspread in natural colored rough texture. Simple and beautiful indeed.




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Rug design 

Rugs, a matter of importance – not only to reduce noise in a home, keep the floors warm to walk on & add some comfort. It is for the colours, the shapes & the visual sense too – it is so much more nicer at home with rugs.

day_home via Instagram


Take care / Marie

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