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Simple geometry

Traditional tableware & Japanese¬†aesthetics – simple geometry & multi-function ūüĎć




Take care / Marie

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Food styling

I am a sucker for inspirational images, in general, for all kinds of images with an aesthetic that appeals to me. I’m not fond of the use of words such as addict, but visual addict is actually fairly descriptive in that sense.

I was drawn to this image for the beautiful colours.



Take care / Marie

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Hairstyles – tend to look different on different people.¬†Short, super-short, long or longer – light, dark, black, or blonde, blue or green. I like people’s creativity & appreciates the inspiration it provides.¬†Especially at parties when people have put some work in to fix their hair. By all means, in everyday life, too – it’s nice¬†to see it all together with the style of clothes. It enhances the personality a lot, of course.

As you know by now, I wouldn’t choose to go too much outside my own comfort zone. So therefore there’s not much overly exciting styles in these images – merely things that I like for the aesthetics¬†sake & many times for the sake of simplicity.

remainsimple.tumblr.com/ remainsimple.tumblr.com

bloglovin.com/ bloglovin.com

witanddelight.tumblr.com/ witanddelight.tumblr.com

acooletchic.tumblr.com/ acooletchic.tumblr.com/

tumblr.com/ tumblr.com

industrealized.tumblr.com/ industrealized.tumblr.com

handcraftedinvirginia.tumblr.com/ handcraftedinvirginia.tumblr.com

annesage.comRomantic twisted hair braid / annesage.com blog

wmagazine.tumblr.com Striking hair styling / wmagazine.tumblr.com

weheartit.comClassic style with stylish colour highlights / weheartit.com

lovely-break.tumblr.comProper length for various styling / lovely-break.tumblr.com

perlamaarek.comStraight & simple / perlamaarek.com

thenletitbe.blogspot.comStylish length & colour / thenletitbe.blogspot.com

with-grace-and-guts.tumblr.comPonytail always works / with-grace-and-guts.tumblr.com

justthedesign.tumblr.comAnother variant of the ponytail / justthedesign.tumblr.com


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Daily inspiration, still life

I am a lover of small simple arrangements. They’re easy to replace & modify according to taste, as well as each season.¬†It’s important to not overdo it. Also to not get so excited so it’s & all over the place in the house.¬†It makes the home personal if it’s done right. Still life tells a story about who’s living there & about their interests. I think that it helps to create order & structure so that the gaze flows more smooth throughout \ the room. If nothing else, you’re creating beautiful & aesthetic pieces of art to enjoy, for everyday use.

desdemyventana / desdemyventana

Take care / Marie

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