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Untreated wooden floor, brick wall, white room & simple furnishings – also with an opened door out to the patio & surrounding greenery – it sure is very nice, 



Take care / Marie

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Outdoor furniture

We are about to replace our garden furniture on the terrace to something a little more comfortable or rather, a lighter & flexible solution. We are not completely in agreement yet but I’m leaning toward rattan furniture …



Take care / Marie

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Can not get much better – a patio, paved with grey stone, with grass & green around, small rattan armchairs, sheepskin & tree stumps as tables. Close to nature & with authentic furnishings.

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Take care / Marie

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This autumn

Halfway through autumn & the weather has just been amazing. Sunny, warm & wonderfully nice. I have a free weekend, currently sitting outside on the patio & just enjoying the weather.  

(I got a cold yesterday afternoon, so there’s not much else to do than resting).

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Take care / Marie

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Whether you have plenty or lack of space – on the patio or terrace, it’s the small things that can make a big difference. Wicker baskets, plants, lemon trees, wooden boxes, sisal carpet – just choose what suits you best.

It makes such a lovely view that it puts a smile on your face. 



Take care / Marie

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