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Untreated wooden floor, brick wall, white room & simple furnishings – also with an opened door out to the patio & surrounding greenery – it sure is very nice, 



Take care / Marie

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This autumn

Halfway through autumn & the weather has just been amazing. Sunny, warm & wonderfully nice. I have a free weekend, currently sitting outside on the patio & just enjoying the weather.  

(I got a cold yesterday afternoon, so there’s not much else to do than resting).

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Take care / Marie

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Decor outdoor

A table, a bench & some stools to the balcony or patio, can with simple means turns into an oasis with tablecloth, seat cushions & other textiles.


Take care / Marie

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Outdoor corner

Right now, I’m dreaming about private time, on the terrace and around the pool. Although the sun is shining, I sit happily in the shade. Something cold to drink and a couple of books waiting – it’s enough to create joy in everyday…in a small corner outdoors.


Take care / Marie

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We all have a favourite corner somewhere where we like to sit outside when the sun shines. It may look anyhow, it’s not that important, but the actual location has to be pleasant.


Take care / Marie

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