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Daily inspiration, opposites

Isn’t this an exciting solution – a modern sleek kitchen with lower kitchen cabinets in white. And wooden crates used for storage above the kitchen bench. I like the old & the new, which is a bit unexpected but works just fine despite of the opposites. Intrigued by the levels that becomes by the different sizes of the crates. And how well it looks!

elledecoration.se/ elledecoration.se

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, kitchen design

A cool kitchen which has a super thoughtful design with a lot of invisible elements that give a sense of something new & different. Industrial style with the right attributes & material selection. The brick wall does its part too. Design: Tom Dixon

blog.thedpages.com:tom-dixon-maison-objet-designer-of-the-year/ blog.thedpages.com

Take care / Marie

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Kitchen ideas

Christmas & New Year’s celebrations is associated with food & our kitchen is frequently occupied. Not that anyone would dream of cooking something, other than my darling but that’s where you can find happiness. Whether it is to attempt to cook together, eat together or just hang out. No wonder that the kitchen is the heart of the home. We spend time together jointly in the kitchen. Much because of the space that allows different activities at the same time in the same room. I’d rather stay in the kitchen, or rather, in the comfortable part of the kitchen with sofa, pillows, reading light & blanket, when the other moves toward other surfaces in the house. They do show up sooner or later anyway, as they become hungry.

Here are some different styles of kitchens in various sizes that I hope will inspire you. There’s always one or a few ideas here & there, that might catch your eye.

79ideas.orgDramatic & exciting / 79ideas.org

homelife.com.auPersonal mix in a wonderful space / homelife.com.au

sphotos-a.ak.fbcdn.netWhite modern  industrial style / sphotos-a.ak.fbcdn.net

ingerstedt White with charm / ingerstedt.se

skonahem.seCoastal quality / skonahem.se

callmecupcake.blogspotFor the hungry / callmecupcake.blogspot

myscandinavianhome.blogspot.com.auDetails & care / myscandinavianhome.blogspot.com.au

myscandinavianhome Stylish mix / myscandinavianhome.blogspot.com.au

loftenbergOver the top / loftenberg.com

http://lorilangille.blogspot.com.auGreat simplicity / lorilangille.blogspot.com.au

village viapClean expression but still a lot of storage  / village via pinterest.com

automatismSmall space solution / lorilangille.blogspot.com.au

designporten Dream space / designporten

skonahem.seHousehold products  that makes you happy / skonahem.se

madeinpersboBlack & white inspiration / madeinpersbo.blogspot.com.au

Take care / Marie

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Simply WHITE

This is for the love of white, regardless of environments or things – for the fresh & simple impact as well as for the pleasant feeling this colour create, especially when combining white 0n white & several shades. Many people seem to consider that it’s a cold colour, lifeless & uninteresting. That may be so, but not for me – a BIG no, no from me. Various white shades that is combined with materials & structure can look incredibly interesting, exciting & inspiring. Of course, it has to be in combination with the light in the room.

Also, it’s rather important to add layers for a better expression of comfort & quality.  Or else, there’s a risk that it may look like it’s too cold & unfinished. I guess that the lighting is crucial or rather, essential, in the end. Not to forget, the daylight that opens up for endless variations throughout the day.

whiteandothercolors.tumblr.com Space saving solution / whiteandothercolors.tumblr.com

theyallhateus Suitable to most things / theyallhateus.com

picasaewb.google.comWhite celebration / picasaewb.google.com

scandinaviandeko.blogspot.comModern white / scandinaviandeko.blogspot.com

bamarang.deFunctional design / bamarang.de

heartwarmings.tumblr.comWhite on white / heartwarmings.tumblr.com

pufikhomes.comElegant setting / pufikhomes.com

livethemmaContemporary white / livethemma.se

blog.paulinaarcklin.nlWhite floor boards / blog.paulinaarcklin.nl

skandiconcept whitecottage1Shabby white / skandiconcept

afadedpaletteModern living / afadedpalette

mechantdesignWhite minimalistic / mechantdesign

mommo-design.b;ogspt.itNot for sticky fingers / mommo-design.blogspt.it

pinterest.comComfy corner / pinterest.com

stevesblindsandwallpeperSofa for two / stevesblindsandwallpeper

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, space

Long benchtop with extra deep surface including surface along the wall for easily accessible items. Nice with masonry wall to a light wooden bench top & those white door-cabinets. It’s also nice to not have the usual top cabinets, which means you get a more airy impression. Definitely easy to be several who cooks at the same time.


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