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Simply WHITE

This is for the love of white, regardless of environments or things – for the fresh & simple impact as well as for the pleasant feeling this colour create, especially when combining white 0n white & several shades. Many people seem to consider that it’s a cold colour, lifeless & uninteresting. That may be so, but not for me – a BIG no, no from me. Various white shades that is combined with materials & structure can look incredibly interesting, exciting & inspiring. Of course, it has to be in combination with the light in the room.

Also, it’s rather important to add layers for a better expression of comfort & quality.  Or else, there’s a risk that it may look like it’s too cold & unfinished. I guess that the lighting is crucial or rather, essential, in the end. Not to forget, the daylight that opens up for endless variations throughout the day.

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Take care / Marie

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