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Festivities are closing in and people here & there are starting to get together for the yearly party with neighbours  work, schoolmates, business partners – and of course family & friends.

It’s always the company you surround yourself with that makes the event, no doubts but why not spice it up with some colour & decorations to make it more memorable & inviting.

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Take care / Marie

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An evening out…

… can look so different depending on the mood, the company & the location. Street food, bar menu or a fancy restaurant, I don’t mind. I like a mix most of the times –  different places & food but above all, the company – that’s what makes the whole experience, though.





Take care / Marie

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This appealing picture is reminiscent of a bygone summer with unforgettable moments with near & dear ones. Moments may be short but memories lasts forever.

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Hot dogs

Hot dogs, it is a big deal at home. An absolute must when visiting. Varm korv (hot dogs)  can be bought everywhere in principle, but the taste & texture is different. Including obvious add-on that enhances the culinary experience.

madogbolig via instagram


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Table setting

A bit consideration regarding table setting & small attributes such as flowers & candle light, contributes immensely to a meal.
(Even if it’s the company around you that counts in the end).


Take care / Marie

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