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A separate area where you can retire & find peace after a hectic day. It doesn’t have to be with a beautiful view like this, create your own oasis with what you love having around you.


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Comfortable sofas, beautiful armchairs, nice sofa covers, nice fabrics, soft colours.

Perhaps a bit much patterns but still very lovely & inspiring.


Take care / Marie

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A beautiful navy blue colour on these neat armchairs in modern cut, in an equally wonderful classic setting. Very nice shape with relatively low backrest wide seat and upholstered buttons.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, patterns

Nice black and white styling, matched in pattern, colour and design.
Great composition in order to complement each other – which they do in an excellent way. The patterns dominate but still, the brown chair & the wooden box stands out just the right amount.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, colour-coordination

Yes, that’s what i would call this. Great colour scheme & appealing styling. From the wooden floor, to the rug, armchairs & the coffee table. Goes well together with the dark grey sofa & the cushions. Very nice!


Take care / Marie

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