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A beautiful navy blue colour on these neat armchairs in modern cut, in an equally wonderful classic setting. Very nice shape with relatively low backrest wide seat and upholstered buttons.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, navy blue

Starting to be fond of navy blue again. It was a while ago now. I felt that it became so boring, for no reasons really. So, there’s a few new items in this colour, back in the wardrobe again.


Take care / Marie

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Going coastal

I like the feeling & atmosphere that the coastal style provides. It’s easy to adjust to the lovely sensation of ease & harmony. Maybe it’s the connection to the water that creates that casual feeling that usually occurs when one goes on holiday. We all have our picture of summer, vacation, countryside, lakes & seas.

For some, it’s definitively not the blue colours or something that is specifically related to water. Growing up with summer cottage & proximity to various lakes gives me a strong sense of just the images I have put together to this blog post.

inscapes via fancy.comSea colours / inscapes via fancy.com

SAdecor&design / SAdecor&design

skonahem.com/ skonahem.se

starsmasquearading.tumblr.comReady for the sun / starsmasquearading.tumblr.com

simplylovelystuff.tumblr.comWater view / simplylovelystuff.tumblr.com

coach summer collectioncoach summer collection / coach.com

aprylbee via p / aprylbee via Pinterest

skonahem.seBluish design / skonahem.se

imgoingcoastal.tumblr.comProper accessories / imgoingcoastal.tumblr.com

daniellawitteSummer blues / daniellawitte

bemz.comWhen not navy than why not red / bemz.com

lexingtoncompanySea, sun & summer / lexingtoncompany

theyallhateus.comSailor style / theyallhateus.com

livethemma.seCoastal inspiration / livethemma.se

gant.comStylish relaxation / gant.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, pea coat,

It’s a bit too warm to dress like this right now & has been for a while. We had 29 degrees here today & spring has just started.

But for you in Europe & elsewhere, autumn & winter is on the way. A very nice time of the year, I must add. Pea coats will always be up to date & with navy blue & off white, it can never go wrong. And looks so goooood too!

theyallhateus.com/ theyallhateus.com

Take care / Marie

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Dark blue

I had a period when I used the dark blue colour almost as much as I use black today, that is to say, always. I felt a hint of that old feeling the other day when I bought two pairs of boots in suede, one black & the other in dark blue. On the way to work last week, I arrived a bit earlier & decided to take a stroll around the shopping centre. I saw a jacket in dark, dark blue. An instant love & from there to todays post, the way is rather short. Since then I have had time to be off couple of weeks to spend time with my sister & her husband, who is on a visit. There has been a lot of traveling to various favorite spots & with it, a lot of stops for shopping. One would think that the dark blue colour would be rather common. But no, not where I was, at least.

Anyway, I found a scarf in thin material but still with rough texture. Very soft in really dark blue shade & a couple of fine-knitted jumpers with stylish fit. One was striped of course. AND with that, I have now completed my shopping need in that blue colour.

projectnursery.comNavy blue with accents / projectnursery.com

annstreetstudio Make up to suit the dress / annstreetstudio via tumblr

stylebyemilyhenderson.comWonderful sofa design / stylebyemilyhenderson.com

aquiterstorm.tumblr.comBeautiful handicraft / aquiterstorm.tumblr.com

fancy.comLovely bedlinen / fancy.com

matchbookmagUpdated classic style / matchbookmag via tumblr

erzandco Shifting blue tint / erzandco.tumblr.com

tinkerbell2477.tumblr.comSimple yet so cute / tinkerbell2477.tumblr.com

vintagerosebrocante.tumblr.comBeautiful & unusual facade colour / vintagerosebrocante.tumblr.com

frenchbydesign Renew the inside of old boxes  / frenchbydesign

mokkasinFashionable again / mokkasin

skonahemMix & match your table setting / skonahem

designinspirationsk.comBoyish & simple with space for play / designinspirationsk.com

Google.com Still life in blue shades / google.com

Take care/ Marie

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