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Outerwear and specifically coats / trench coats might not be what everyone is looking for when it’s colder weather and winter in our part of the country. I have found some models in the thinner and thicker material – which works great during the day and the evening, when it gets a little chillier.


Take care / Marie

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So it is time for pink again, pale pink – a colour that goes very well with other (contrast) colours. Right now I use it a lot together with white or black, occasionally with light & dark grey too. Not only to clothes, actually. I have a very soft padded bedspread in the bedroom AND yes, believe it or not, but it happens to be that it too is  combined with dark grey duvet cover. I must have lack of imagination, so it seems.







mlodazonka.pl minicake with almonds and lavendarmlodazonka.pl / minicake with almonds and lavendar







Take care / Marie

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With spring on the go & daily sunshine, there’s no need for neither coats, jackets or sweaters. But I have a fondness for coats of all kinds. There’s slim trench coats that are perfect some days / evenings. I would of course choose the simpler models without too much details. Preferably in a base colour that works with other neutral colours.
dustjacketattic.tumblr.comdustjacketattic.tumblr.com / warm rust brown-orange looks delicious,

remainsimple.tumblr.comremainsimple.tumblr.com / beautiful design,

lacooletchic.tumblr.comlacooletchic.tumblr.com / white with black,

cocochanelfairy.tumblr.comcocochanelfairy.tumblr.com / exciting combination,

offwhiteandburgundy.tumblr.comoffwhiteandburgundy.tumblr.com / my favourite colour & style,

pinterest.compinterest.com / beige & black, yes please,

itsleonessabitch.tumblr.comitsleonessabitch.tumblr.com / white, always refreshing,

death-by-elocution.tumblr.comdeath-by-elocution.tumblr.com / wool in soft shade,

thewindofthenorth.tumblr.comthewindofthenorth.tumblr.com / great detail,

usa.hunter-boot.comusa.hunter-boot.com / classic trench,

loveminimalstyle.tumblr.comloveminimalstyle.tumblr.com / off-white with a shiny belt,

blushcoast.tumblr.comblushcoast.tumblr.com / leopard pattern

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, pea coat,

It’s a bit too warm to dress like this right now & has been for a while. We had 29 degrees here today & spring has just started.

But for you in Europe & elsewhere, autumn & winter is on the way. A very nice time of the year, I must add. Pea coats will always be up to date & with navy blue & off white, it can never go wrong. And looks so goooood too!

theyallhateus.com/ theyallhateus.com

Take care / Marie

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