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Textile lover

For you who’s a textile lover, just like me.



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Comfortable sofas, beautiful armchairs, nice sofa covers, nice fabrics, soft colours.

Perhaps a bit much patterns but still very lovely & inspiring.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, armchairs

These armchairs caught my eye mainly because they are so simple in the design but also because I am fond of using textiles / throws in different colours & textures to change the feeling in the room. And because it is a good way to protect armchairs or sofas for that matter.

via bloglovin.comvia bloglovin.com

Take care / Marie

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So it is time for pink again, pale pink – a colour that goes very well with other (contrast) colours. Right now I use it a lot together with white or black, occasionally with light & dark grey too. Not only to clothes, actually. I have a very soft padded bedspread in the bedroom AND yes, believe it or not, but it happens to be that it too is  combined with dark grey duvet cover. I must have lack of imagination, so it seems.







mlodazonka.pl minicake with almonds and lavendarmlodazonka.pl / minicake with almonds and lavendar







Take care / Marie

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Mattresses, why? Well, it reminds me of childhood, all the nights spent at the cottage, in the caravan, with friends, at summer camp, etc. They can be used for so much. Also easy to stow away. And of course, easy to change the look with fabric, if you feel like it. Useful in the teenage room with several layers to make it more comfortable or on the settee or wooden bench – why not directly on the floor with a nice cover on.

79ideasThick mattress with pink stripes / heartwarmings.tumblr.com

kireei.comBroad stripes in green-blue / kireei.com

thebooandtheboy.comPrincess (or prince) and the Pea / thebooandtheboy.com

heartwarmings.tumblr.comComfortably rolled for better backrest / heartwarmings.tumblr.com

SAdecor&designVintage beds with old fashioned mattresses / SAdecor&design

apaperaeroplane.tumblr.comStripes in masses / apaperaeroplane.tumblr.com

livethemma Home made mattresses with fabric covers / livethemma.se

mommodesignCustomised after the size of the house / mommodesign

room269.tumblr.comSimplicity / room269.tumblr.com

domoweinspiracjeiplany.blox.plExciting & striking / domoweinspiracjeiplany.blox.pl

decor8blog.comFabric-covered mattresses / decor8blog.com

pinterest.comMattresses combined into a sofa place / pinterest.com

plaza.seBring your mattresses outdoors / plaza.se

suisses.frHomemade solution / suisses.fr

whiteandothercolors.tumblr.comCountry style / whiteandothercolors.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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