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Ceiling beams

I like this room with the ceiling beams & the inclined window – a well-used space without making it look crowded, with good storage & a lot of seating. Nice solution with an inspiring & brightly decorated environment.   



Take care / Marie

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Take a seat

Chairs, chairs in quantities – something Which I cannot get enough of, however, I am limited by space. It’s probably for the best, I think – in the long run. Chairs are exciting & there is something special about this piece of furniture. The design has no limitation & comfort is an important part, with regard to use – likewise, material choice. Colour, form, shape, size, function – for work, rest & socialising. Or just to use for clothing, books or other loose.

Imagine how good it is with different chairs around the dining table for example. It creates a nice feeling & looks less formal.Or just add an unexpected colour, it is stylish with an odd chair or colour that stands out. Take a seat & let us hope you will find something you like.


myscandinavianretreat myscandinavianretreat




remodelista.comremodelista.com /

domoweinspiracjeiplany.blox.pl  domoweinspiracjeiplany.blox.pl / chairs by Kartell





lamuslenis.lt lamuslenis.lt




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So today I felt for a post with some armchairs in different styles & shapes. That’s after a rather uncomfortable evening in a restaurant with great interior, great food & great people. It was  decorated with small, small table, stools & armchairs with a mix of old & new – very nice & inviting environment albeit slightly dark. The thing is that it looked really nice which is a big part of an experience but once you’ve been sitting for a while, you feel it in your whole body.

The armchairs are too high for the low coffee tables or opposite & the tables are too small for more than two & you have to bend or lean to reach for things. It became way too uncomfortable after a while. It’s great with inspiring places & it’s nice when it looks stylish, cool or different. It’s just that  I’m always impressed when it’s combined with functionality – when someone have taken the time to think through everything.

arkpad.com.brPastel classics / arkpad.com.br

elv-s-blogspotStylish black & steel / elv-s-blogspot

79ideas.orgPleasant colour combinations / 79ideas.org

decor8blog.comAn oldie with new accessories / decor8blog.com

husidokkar.tumblr.comFluffy with slim legs / husidokkar.tumblr.com

frenchconnection Safari style / frenchconnection

livethemmaGrandma’s armchair / livethemma.se

feelinspired Elegant & classic / feelinspired

skandinaviandeko.comSwedish cabin style / skandinaviandeko.com

vintageluxe.tumblr.comDark blue & dark brown wood / vintageluxe.tumblr.com

mocolocoContemporary with caramel colours / mocoloco

cazuiyo.tumblr.comAn armchair for two / cazuiyo.tumblr.com

inside-homes.tumblr.com An a pink pair / inside-homes.tumblr.com

bloglovin.comVintage in leather / bloglovin.com

pinterest.com:rozenbroodStyling in green / pinterest.com:rozenbrood

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Daily inspiration, corner seating

A nice corner with large open windows with corner seating & space behind for books & other necessary things. I would of course prefer to soften up with curtains & add some colour. And with a rug under the table, I would be totally happy with the space, but that’s me. Otherwise it’s a nice little hang out-corner.

chictip.com/ chictip.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, with seating

Large sofas, cool colors & space for many – it is superbly good! The fact that it is a design that reminds of the old-time way of making mattresses by hand, contributes to the whole. Yes, it’s colourful but you know what – It’s ok!

tumblr.com/ tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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