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Some may avoid a large closet with glass doors that allows all things stored, to be totally transparent – transparent in its true sense. Isn’t it exciting? Very inspiring …


Take care / Marie

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Transparent living

Doors, cabinets & dividers in glass does very much for the impression of a place. Instead of obscuring parts of the room, it opens up for an airier experience. Such as a window in the correct location, or a large room divided by a glass partition or why not by a cabinet with glass doors.  It creates a different perspective of the room & provide great atmosphere as a whole.

Kitchen cabinets, whether it’s the top line or bottom, that are transparent throughout i.e. with glass on all sides, is amazingly refreshing & feels relatively new too. It requires a wise sense of order, for such an option. (take a look at the 9th image with glass cabinets on the wall). So my point is that glass dividers can contribute greatly to the comfort of a home. It’s nice & makes surfaces more bright & accessible.


A window in the window / designtraveller.tumblr.com

blissfulblog.comExciting solution / blissfulblog.com

keltainentalorannallaVisibility / keltainentalorannalla

emmasdesignblogArchitectural addition / emmasdesignblog

turbulences-deco.frDecorative solution / turbulences-deco.fr

stillstars.comOpen solution but with limited visibility / stillstars.com

sanctuary Functions with clear separation / sanctuary

micasa.be/ micasa.be

cafelab.tumblr.comSee-through cabinets / cafelab.tumblr.com

photobucketCreates intimacy / photobucket

livethemma.seCabinet doors in glass / livethemma.se

feelinspiredOpen up with windows / feelinspired

husligheterAn airy experience is important in small spaces / husligheter

livethemma.seA grey kitchen, a dining area in black & white glass wall that separates / livethemma.se

breadandolives.tumblr.comVery nice breakfast place / breadandolives.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, glass

Lovely glass vases that create acquisitiveness. Beautiful, delicate & real works of art. Creased effect or design has been around for a while now but some stuff are something extra – just because.

acne.se/ acne.se

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, flag pole

Isn’t it lovely, isn’t it beautiful – a flagpole with swaying delightful fabrics in soft colours & sunlight flowing through – very appealing, absolutely, And oh, so simple though.


/ tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, bedroom

A nice bedroom with soft & inviting colour on the bedspread. Transparent dividers provide a delicate impression too. Intrigued by the dark curtain in the corner plus the dark wood floor. Stylish!


Take care / Marie

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