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Delicate art

Delicate art – craftsmanship that’s almost too beautiful to eat. I find myself sitting & looking at these incredibly beautiful pastries over & over again. Can one say that these pastries has a cool elegance about them, perhaps …

tenthousandthspoon / instagram


Take care / Marie

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Pleasant experience

So it’s time for something crunchy, sweet & delicious. I passed a bakery in the Italian area on the way home & took the opportunity to park the Vespa at the free place outside to buy some goodies for the evening tea. Recently baked, still warm & in a cute little box with rustle paper inside – very pleasant experience on the way home. 








Take care / Marie

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 A small but delicate & affable piece, on this image – pasta, the safe choice in every situation.

foooodmarket via fancy.com


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, glass

Beautifully designed modern glass with a clear hint of the past. Beautiful to look at and pleasant to use to embellish everyday life.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, fragile

Thin delicate glass with design that feels just as fragile – enhanced by the almost equally transparent liquid. The small bend for the thumb is discreet but present.



Take care / Marie

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