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Daily inspiration, cafe au lait

Cafe au lait or coffee with milk, an excellent drink, of course. But I chose this picture because it is so beautiful. It is the high sheer glass with white text. But also the coffee & milk that winds around the glass in an exciting mix. Cafe au lait – almost like a work of art.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, glass

Lovely glass vases that create acquisitiveness. Beautiful, delicate & real works of art. Creased effect or design has been around for a while now but some stuff are something extra – just because.

acne.se/ acne.se

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, piece of art

This is design that makes you happy. It becomes more of an installation or piece of art. At the same time as it’s functional, of course. It doesn’t have to be so complicated at times. Seems to me that you can change the way it looks depending on who’s using it & what you put on the shelfs. I like that it’s pleasant & smooth on the eye also, almost an ergonomic appearance.

tumblr.com/ tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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