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Wall decor

Yes, it is time again for some nice solutions of frames in different configurations. It’s a bit more colour than usual, I think. I cannot imagine my home without pictures on the wall, or on the floor, leaning against the wall. Preferably in frames since I feel it looks as if they are unfinished. But it depends on the material & motif, I guess. And place, location, surrounding, size & style etc…

designsponge.comLovely furniture & colours together with the wall / designsponge.com

elleinteriorSimple base where colours comes through in interaction with the other attributes in the room / elleinterior.se

jennygrimsgardphotogrphyBlack, white, grey – monochromatic appealing / jennygrimsgardphotogrphy

interiorguidenStriped, checkered, graphic & some colour splash / interiorguiden

margrethe-myhrerOne motif, multiple colours, in one row / margrethe-myhrer

thefancy.comIt doesn’t have to be multiple or lots of frames, pick two /  thefancy.com

decoratualma.blogspot.comBrittle & thin frames with the same style on the message inside / decoratualma.blogspot.com

theyallhateusFrames in a line following the furniture / theyallhateus.com

myparadissi.tumblr.comIn one row, in the same height over the entire wall / myparadissi.tumblr.com

poluux viafA statement in the room / poluux viaf

sfgirlbybayArtistic impression / sfgirlbybay

skonahemCasual & easy to change / skonahem.se

parlourhomeblogThe mature style with a mix of old & new / parlourhomeblog

interiorphotosVertically in one limited line / interiorphotos

designspongeStill life arrangement / designsponge

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, piece of art

This is design that makes you happy. It becomes more of an installation or piece of art. At the same time as it’s functional, of course. It doesn’t have to be so complicated at times. Seems to me that you can change the way it looks depending on who’s using it & what you put on the shelfs. I like that it’s pleasant & smooth on the eye also, almost an ergonomic appearance.

tumblr.com/ tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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