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Good idea

Such a good idea if you have the space & a few nice images you’d like to display. Put up a few of framed pictures in a row & the same pictures up & down below – to achieve an interesting wall that catches the eye.

Credit: H&M Home
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Daily inspiration, stand out

This tiny wall lamp that stands out from the wall in brass is completely lovely in all its glory. It’s like a small jewellery to rejoice over every time you turn it on.

via bloglovin.com via bloglovin.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, shopping bags

I like this idea with framed shopping bags. It’s both an inspiring solution as well as a reminder of the various outings made & serves as a fun memory bank.


Take care / Marie

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Wall decor

Yes, it is time again for some nice solutions of frames in different configurations. It’s a bit more colour than usual, I think. I cannot imagine my home without pictures on the wall, or on the floor, leaning against the wall. Preferably in frames since I feel it looks as if they are unfinished. But it depends on the material & motif, I guess. And place, location, surrounding, size & style etc…

designsponge.comLovely furniture & colours together with the wall / designsponge.com

elleinteriorSimple base where colours comes through in interaction with the other attributes in the room / elleinterior.se

jennygrimsgardphotogrphyBlack, white, grey – monochromatic appealing / jennygrimsgardphotogrphy

interiorguidenStriped, checkered, graphic & some colour splash / interiorguiden

margrethe-myhrerOne motif, multiple colours, in one row / margrethe-myhrer

thefancy.comIt doesn’t have to be multiple or lots of frames, pick two /  thefancy.com

decoratualma.blogspot.comBrittle & thin frames with the same style on the message inside / decoratualma.blogspot.com

theyallhateusFrames in a line following the furniture / theyallhateus.com

myparadissi.tumblr.comIn one row, in the same height over the entire wall / myparadissi.tumblr.com

poluux viafA statement in the room / poluux viaf

sfgirlbybayArtistic impression / sfgirlbybay

skonahemCasual & easy to change / skonahem.se

parlourhomeblogThe mature style with a mix of old & new / parlourhomeblog

interiorphotosVertically in one limited line / interiorphotos

designspongeStill life arrangement / designsponge

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, gallery wall

I like how the wall is outlined with frames in different sizes, the chair that has got its place in the composition & choice of subject not challenging each other but interact well in the layout. The small picture at the bottom right, goes well with the cabinet doors too..

bloodandchampagne.com/ bloodandchampagne.com

Take care / Marie

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