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There’s a lot of pictures I scroll through occasionally – just for pure inspiration. I have encountered some recently with floral motifs, and especially those in large format. What do you think, like it?


Take care / Marie

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Daring colour choice is not exactly my niche. This combination is exciting with the black wall, black tiles that vary in nuances, dark brown cabinet door & strong pink besides.


Take care / Marie

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I could not imagine a round table for many reasons. But sometimes, I think it’s nice and more welcoming when everyone can sit around a round table and easily see each other – more inviting feel. Here it is not so much colours or design that is important, but the very idea.


Take care / Marie

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A very “pretty” coffee table for the small size, round shape & decorative “waistband” that makes the design stand out.


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Right size

Many pools are often relatively large, oversized or have basically been built into the facade that there’s hardly room to step into the pool. I like this environment that is manageable and moderate in size – but still has everything you need within reach.


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