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Spring collection

Furniture from the Swedish company Norrgavel’s spring collection for 2017. 



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Swedish decor

Wonderful rooms with stillness, presence & peaceful overall impression, in simple decor style. White, light grey & some darker tones with some beige shades – can it get better!

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Daily inspiration, white environment

A white environment – a typical Scandinavian style of interior design, which is very common. A light environment, generally in white, wood floors, walls of wood & conveniently furnished – functional & appealing.


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Shopping now & then is rather nice., especially if  you’re on the hunt for something you need. Otherwise, I find it enjoyable to just to wander around, look, compare & take in things around me. Also, its fun with all the visual exposures of various trademarks & solutions. The way the creativity has been used to inspire us customers.

Sometimes, I have to admit, I don’t always get the idea behind. But if it’s aesthetically pleasing, it works anyway. You don’t sell more just because there are lots of products on the shop floor. It can sometimes be overwhelming. Carefully selected & coordinated range – it has to start there. A desire to inspire!

at home Colourful design & details / athome

theverdenInspiring visual merchandising / theverden

10gruppenSwedish design / 10gruppen

pinterest.comSame colour scheme / pinterest.com

butterrose Girlie style / google.com

countryliving Tie factory / countryliving

haberdash Rather new Swedish store / haberdash

herdofblack For the kitchen / herdofblack.tumblr.com

google.comA day of shopping / google.com

melroseandmorgan.comFor the connoisseur / melroseandmorgan.com

butikenihoganasCoordinated range / butikenhoganas

nestprettythings Window shopping / nestprettythings

stockholmfurniturefairFrom the yearly exhibition fair / stockholmfurniturefair

nordicfushion.com.auInspiring Scandinavian shop in Sydney / nordicfushion.com.au

thedesignfiles.netMix of things / thedesignfiles.net

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