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The Swedish way of furnishing is simple & functional. The style is very straightforward – function & uses of different areas as well as furniture are always in focus. Each item has its place & some surfaces may be left empty rather than overfurnished or over-decorated.

Credit: historiskahem

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A lovely blue color that always seems relevant.

Credit: norrgavel.se

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A typical room in an apartment with light wood floors, white doors,  functional interior & timeless design – in Scandinavia.

Credit: thenordoom

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Designed kitchens

Designed kitchens should always offer a stylish, functional look, preferably in high-quality materials but above all, in a timeless and well-functioning atmosphere. This solution & look will prove it right long term.

Credit: allofrenders

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Neat solution to start with, and so functional & space saving. Ideal for children up to a certain age before they start to need (or ask for) their own room.

Credit: Stadshem

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