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Wall hanging

A wall hanging / tapestry can put its mark on a room (and atmosphere) just by sitting in the right place & hint that it’s a special day, season or other nice things.

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Take care / Marie

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Closing in

It’s approaching, closing in, soon here – it’s popping up everywhere & it’s hard to distance yourself, as it’s placed on the hottest locations in retail stores. Thanks & praise, it has not yet begun in restaurants & Cafes yet.

Yes, It’s about Christmas decorations & one of the best seasons of the year in my opinion, BUT not when it’s warm, sunny & beach weather – I just can’t get used to it. 



Take care / Marie

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The moment before

Christmas Eve, early morning, much has already been prepared with Christmas shopping, food, cleaning, decorations – a quiet moment at the back before breakfast, a cup of coffee & then the Christmas festivities starts.
And I am so grateful that the weather is cool with breezy winds. (Not the usual heat of 40 degree heat).


Take care / Marie

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Christmas Balls

We are dressing the Christmas tree tonight & as per usual, using the same Christmas balls & colours as previous years. We like it red, white & some gold. But each year, I manage to find one more thing to add to the Christmas tree – just for the sake of “renewal”.


Take care / Marie

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Simple & beautiful arrangement for the weeks leading to Christmas – Cones, twigs & cinnamon, or other spices, on a tray with little depth & white candles. And voila – nice table decoration 🙂



Take care / Marie

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