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Christmas Balls

We are dressing the Christmas tree tonight & as per usual, using the same Christmas balls & colours as previous years. We like it red, white & some gold. But each year, I manage to find one more thing to add to the Christmas tree – just for the sake of “renewal”.


Take care / Marie

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We have saved all Christmas ornaments since our boys were small & they want the same ones every year in the Christmas tree. At least to keep the colours in red & green with some gold accents.

Surely, one can claim that traditions from childhood has a tremendous influence on us.



Take care / Marie

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Nice furniture in a nice environment around the grill – not a bad idea with a rocking chair instead of traditional outdoor furniture.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, chilli

I do not mind spicy foods, or spices at all. But it is definitely not nice when it’s so strong that it burns in the mouth. Or fumes from the ears. Something I will avoid in the future, for real. Chilli pepper is actually a fruit although it’s used as vegetable – and it’s beautiful to look at – which I will do in the future ūüôā


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, “mess”

A very skilled dauber, that can get some dashes to look like fine art.¬†Comfortable shades from pink, to red, orange & wine – perfect colours for a lipstick, actually. But it was not what sparked my interest, but the actual “mess”, albeit aesthetically. Very neat!


Take care / Marie

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