Daily inspiration, outdoor furniture

Coated steel tube furniture in vibrant colors with a fence in the background in a beautiful turquoise-green color. The shadows reflected makes the picture more intriguing. It feels warm, sunny & inviting despite the steel pipes. Because I know that they aren’t that comfy after a while. The combination of colors to the white table, with the fence in the background – isn’t it nice?

sharedesign / share design.com

Take care / Marie

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2 thoughts on “Daily inspiration, outdoor furniture

  1. No , it should still be there. I’ll take a look to see what happened with this post. Thanks!


  2. Juanita in Ohio says:

    This is a fun and pretty setting. Turquoise is a special color for me. You are so right about the steel bars, lol. Have a great day. TFS.
    P.S. I could not find the post with the black walls, I really wanted to revisit that issue. Did you delete it? Juanita in Ohio


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