Hair is fairly essential for the look, don’t you think? It reflects your personality, your style & how you want to look at certain occasions. Maybe it’s not that important with hair. It says more about us humans perhaps, that we are relatively vain –  rightly so maybe. We often have the desire to be different & what captures the first impression is what you see, of course. The reason for today’s post is of course that it’s time to make an appointment at the hairdresser. The reason for today’s post is that it’s time to make an appointment at the hairdresser. The only thing I do, is to cut off two cm & possibly color the roots. I’m indeed very exciting

But the inspiration flows when I’m there. It’s fun to listen to conversations in progress & browse through the latest magazines. Above all it is exciting to see when different customers are done – if they look anything like they thought, before they started. It seems so, they are always very happy. I’m at least always amazed at the change. You know, just how much you can do with hair & how that changes the person completely.

art42.tumblr.com1. Disheveled order /

tournesol50.tumblr.com2. Changeable style /

mulberry-cookies.tumblr.com3. Braids in vogue /

pinterest.com4. Simple with clamps /

googleimage.com5.  Simple / 4. Dark curls /

fashiontaster.tumblr.com5. Striking red / 7. Natural style /

theyallhateus 9. Simplicity / theyallhateus

jessicadunn 10. Contrast / jessica dunn via

delamoneda 11. Flowing curls / delamoneda via

curlyhairstylesmagazine.com12. Popular sloppy bun /

fivefourblog13. Contemporary / fivefourblog

dumdiduh.tumblr.com14. Quick solution /

mayer-berlin.com15. Amazing /

Take care / Marie

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One thought on “Hairspray

  1. Ofelia says:

    How timely! I just splurged on a new cut yesterday…Monday! I walked into a closed salon (lights were on and someone was in there) just to make an appointment because my hair was contributing greatly to my frumpy outlook. Something had to be done soon. I didn’t know what I wanted, just something better. I found a gentleman behind the desk, he was the owner and he offered to cut my hair on the spot. I went for it and got the best cut of my life! It’s a short razor cut and it’s fabulous…good-bye frumpy. I’m a new woman!


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