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Red ginger

Red ginger, a native plant, originally from Malaysia. It’s showy flowers on long brightly colored red bracts. They look like they bloom, but the true flower is the small white flower on top.
Often seen along pavements, buildings & residential areas.

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Green lily

A beautiful rarity – green lily – which gets elegant gray-green leaves, forming grassy tuves. The flower is carried up on high purple branches with Star shaped flowers in green & white.

Credit: zetasgarden
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Floral style

I spent a half day in a flower shop the other day. Not so much for the flowers, to be honest but the more for the owner & all her stories about different flowers. There’s all types of individuals, which I always find exciting & interesting to listen to as well as ponder about. People, in general is an interesting phenomenon – imagine all different individuals with different opinions & viewpoints. It turned out that this lady’s view of plants, resembled my way – only that it is people instead.

Every plant behaves different to another. SO when she talked about a certain flower, or plant, I actually saw a person in front of me. This was especially between rose varieties. From the simple & humble to the real divas & everything in between. You could say that we found each other through a common view despite different interests. Life can be that simple at times.


Colour combined with white / Kim Timmerman


Colour with white again but more pale / 79ideas

suziebeezie.tumblrFlowers with stripes & squares / suziebeezie.tumblr.com


Old-fashioned rose pattern / llebeatelier.tumblr.com


Striking / pinterest.com


Cute / ideasandinspiration.tumblr.com


Stylish / google.com


Summer feeling / fancy.com


Romantic / theinfamous


I seem to have a fondness for white & floral / happydayout.tumblr.com


Modern cottage style / sanna&sania


Timeless / keltainen


Matching accessories / obaz.com


Detail that makes a difference / husligheter


Textile styling / 79ideas

Take care / Marie

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Greenery – an endless source of joy. My feeling for green is greater than my ability, unfortunately. I like cut fresh flowers, flowering plants, etc. Not that I regularly fill my home but more as an eye-catcher when it suits. It inspires a sense of luxury, although it’s a simple & straightforward things to enjoy in the everyday life. Now, one need not be limited to flowers at home. Greenery is everywhere around us, whether it’s gardens, parks or forests. Moreover there is a huge range of stylish garden stuff & accessories, that attracts whether you’re interested or not. I mean, if you wish to create a feeling without having to work in the soil such as digging, moving around, cutting & pruning – well then different pots, tools, wooden boxes, a wheelbarrow & other fitting items can do the trick.

It’s good to make use of the nice weather & take the opportunity or time to actually see all the nice things around. If nothing else, it can inspire to a visit to the garden store, which could brighten the day. Me – I’m just inspired by the wonderful weather, my very little green garden on the back & the cup of coffe in the morning, before it gets too hot. Greenery, that’s my thing right now 🙂


Irresistible / homegarden via Pinterest


Simple wooden boxes for all sorts of storage / google.com

livethemma vaxthus

Mini greenhouse – in white / livethemma


A dream place in peace / boligpluss


Nice glass jars in various sizes / 79ideas


Create your own garden feeling with simple means / enmammasdag


Rustic, beautiful & appealing / fleaingfrance.com


Simple – three chairs in a corner / stockholmvitt


Art / vanilla via tumblr


flower shop on display / trendenser


/ plaza


/ sweetpaulmagazine


/ vtwonen.nl


/ mylovelythings.blog


/ dailytonic.com

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I admire those who have green thumbs. Above all, I’m inspired by their passion for plants & the empathy they radiate. It’s amazing what a difference fresh flowers do for the soul & ones mood. It immediately becomes something of a festive feeling. It’s probably just as much scent & colours that influence. Fresh cut flowers and green plants makes a difference for a homely feeling.

Put together several vases \ Automatism

One big plant can make a change / pinterest.com

Simple wrapping / Tumblr.com

Colourful addition to the white kitchen / Skonahem

Mirrors increases the effect / Myscandinavianhome

Still life composition / Fredericia-Furniture Yellows dk

Dramatic in-front of the black wall / Lamaisond’annag

Green details / Hannasroom

Nice style & inviting with the addition of plants / Alltihemmet.se

Stylish / Livethemma

Take care / Marie

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