I admire those who have green thumbs. Above all, I’m inspired by their passion for plants & the empathy they radiate. It’s amazing what a difference fresh flowers do for the soul & ones mood. It immediately becomes something of a festive feeling. It’s probably just as much scent & colours that influence. Fresh cut flowers and green plants makes a difference for a homely feeling.

Put together several vases \ Automatism

One big plant can make a change /

Simple wrapping /

Colourful addition to the white kitchen / Skonahem

Mirrors increases the effect / Myscandinavianhome

Still life composition / Fredericia-Furniture Yellows dk

Dramatic in-front of the black wall / Lamaisond’annag

Green details / Hannasroom

Nice style & inviting with the addition of plants /

Stylish / Livethemma

Take care / Marie

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One thought on “Greens

  1. Benji says:

    The flowers and greenery put a smile on my face. It’s easy to forget the role that plants can play in decor. Christmas is quickly approaching, so time to get on paper whites and amaryllis duty! Do you have any other suggestions for Christmas plants?


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